Hey guys,
I've got a problem with my windows now, because it has crashed due to missing power (somehow my socket lost power).
Then I've tried to reboot it some hours later and I could access my GRUB and it could get through the first state of booting but no matter what it hangs after that on the blue screen with the dots cycling. It doesn't freeze or crash to a BSOD it just keeps cycling and cycling. Same error when I tried to boot into recovery.
I'm sure I don't have any malicious software on my PC.
If you need further information I can get to pretty much everything you don't need windows booted for.
I've got an Ubuntu 16.04 if this may help solving the problem and I can mount windows ro (NTFS partition is in an unsafe state).
I really hope we can fix this together without reinstalling.
Thank you for taking time for this