Windows 10: Goes to sleep after 2 minutes???

  1.    12 Mar 2016 #1

    Goes to sleep after 2 minutes???

    Although set to sleep after an hour while on power, it goes to sleep after 2 minutes. Before the Win 10 upgrade, whatever I set power conservation at was what the laptop followed. Never had any problems until now...

    Any thoughts?


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    Hello BDH Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    One thought about that would be increasing the time before the sleep mode comes into play to 2 hours to watch and observe what happens then. You can also create a new custom power plan or even abandon the sleep and hibernation options entirely. Generally the laptop I use will be shut down entirely and packed away for someone else when going to visit that person. The desktops here however being ac powered 24/7 are generally running for the same amount of time without screen savers either.

    If something in the OEM copy of Windows needs fixing you can open the Command prompt(admin) option found in the right click menu when right clicking on the Start button where you simply type: "sfc /scannow" in a the command line there and press enter to get the System File Checker going. That would generally fix any minor problems with system files. A new power plan or simply refreshing the Balance you are likely seeing being the default plan to the High performance for a period of time and then back might help reset the defaults.
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  3.    12 Mar 2016 #3

    Thanks for the quick reply. Right clicking on the start icon gets the list of what you want to do but clicking on anything gets nothing.
    I have shut down and restarted and tried again. Right clicked on the start icon, went to command prompt with the admin option and still no response. None of the menu items are accessible.

    Where do I go from here?

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       13 Mar 2016 #4

    Well the main problem is the upgrade! By the details you have provided already and from running into similar pooched upgrade type installs especially with the initial 10240 retail build you have two main options for getting 10 to run normally. The first whick will preserve files and most of your program installs would the Inplace Upgrade to Repair Install option and the second being a full Clean Install to insure all problems are cleared up!

    If you didn't see 10 downloaded separately to either see the 10 media created or save the "Windows.iso" file to a folder but simply allowed the 10 upgrade by way of the WU you will be needing that! Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

    If you elect to use the Media Creation tool route you will need at least an 8gb flash drive since the Threshold 2 Update updated even more since will be about 5.48gb in size on disk. That's a bit over the typical USB Install Key seen made up for previous versions since the update is a "4 in 1" iso containing both Home and Pro editions as well as both the 32bit and 64bit flavors of each! That will auto detect the version of Windows, edition, and 32/64 flavor when going to run the 10 installer for an upgrade or upgrade to repair type install. When booted live from the media and choosing the Custom option you then are prompted first for the 32bit or 64bit option and after a few more screens you then select the edition.

    I should also add here another nice little item to have available consists of the repair/recovery options normally seen in the F8 boot menu that might not be available at some point if some new problem appears where you can't boot far enough or you are not able to call it up. That would be the Recovery Drive option where a 8gb or larger flash drive is something you can carry around with you if you have 10 on a laptop or simply don't any worry about losing the 10 stick or in some cases 10 dvd-r made up.

    The important thing to know is when any upgrade install comes out buggy you are simply better off dumping it after you have everything backed up. Otherwise you can end up seeing one problem after another appear and end up seeing a continual headache! Having initially seen several upgrade installs with only one coming out looking normal I have to prepare you for the need to see the present copy of 10 replaced.
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  5.    25 Feb 2017 #5

    THIS was driving me crazy. W10 1607 ver 14393.693. I switched to High performance power plan and set everything to not turn off display and not sleep ANYTIME. You would think it would listen to me, right? BUT NO!!! It is Windowz and it will do what it want to.
    SO, I went in and changed EVERY plan to NEVER sleep on battery or plugged in - and I noticed that the power saver plan (which I had to specifically ask for as it wasn't showing) was set to sleep after 2 min. on battery - and I was plugged in..GUESS WHAT..........It no longer sleeps after 2 min. on high power plan plugged in

    Now I will reinstate the default settings for power saver and balanced and see if it affects my high performance operation.

    Well, that seems to have solved the problem - for now. I wonder how long it will last???
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       26 Feb 2017 #6

    Well since you posted on a thread now nearly a year old and not really advised one advice about laptops in general is be prepared to run them on battery power more so then keeping them constantly plugged in ac when any battery is present. Not allowing the battery to wear down normally will tend to shorted it's life.

    As for laptops, tablets vs desktops the design itself more or less will just about mandate the power saver or power reduction in some way being powered mainly by battery. The ac adapter is primarily intended to recharge the battery after use or temp use when no battery is present.

    Power schemes by default take into consideration battery power elements. OEM desktops not custom builds will also tend to see the defaults lean towards power saving modes. You do end up needing to go over all hidden as well as the immediate visible plan settings for each plan selected, applied and/or custom plan created, applied. Been there enough times over the years with every clean install usually along with mostly 10 being the one seeing upgrades besides previous beta test installs where backing up the plan in use is mostly done by way of having a full system image backup or simply tending to each setting each time a fresh copy of Windows comes up.
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  7.    26 Feb 2017 #7

    Somehow @Night Hawk, you don't get it.
    1. The instructions clearly said that the thread was over 350 days old and unless my problem was exactly related I should start a new thread.
    2. #1 and the fact that there was no solution in this thread is why I posted here.
    3. I also did not ask for advice on which plan to use and how I should run my laptop on battery or AC.
    4. I am tired of the std, "I have no idea, just do a clean install" answer. I don't disagree that too often this is the quickest option to solving issues with Windows and I have done clean installs, most likely, 3x more than you have since Windows 1.0.

    thanks for your interest though.
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