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Locate32 does all Everything does, as far as I know - I've used it for some years. Ultrasearch probably has the most developed GUI.
I was aware of Ultrasearch which, like Everything, uses the MFT as its index. The difference is that it seems to work with UAC enabled whereas everything needs to either run as Administrator or use a background service, which admittedly is not very neat.

I've just tested Locate32 and it's also pretty sweet. It doesn't work to my liking out of the box but it's very configurable and I quickly got it to work like Everything. I've only played with it for a few minutes though so I haven't explored it's full potential. It works with UAC on too, which I'm liking. Does it use the MFT or does it build its own separate index? Also, do you know if it can do RegEx to? Cheers