I really like windows 8.1 and organized my icons into groups across the START screen. (In order of diminishing importance to me). I can easily swap between the desktop and START with the Windows key so everything is easy to find and to use. When Win 10 was released I took the free upgrade (as it nagged me to ) and kind of hoped it would reproduce the organization I already had established for Win 8.1.

Sadly, it didn't. Although the OS is good and stable it requires my START screen groups to be organized DOWN rather than ACROSS. This is just awful because much that was previously on-screen is now off-screen and instead of flicking between START and desktop I now have to flick to START then scroll down looking for stuff.

I searched for a number of hours and the best I could find was to make the START screen full-screen. This helps a little bit, but I still have to scroll down to find stuff.

I understand that Win 10 is running across different form factors and mobile phones are Portrait (where scrolling down makes sense), but laptops are generally Landscape, where we need to be able to scroll ACROSS in order to best utilize the screen real estate. (Obviously, it is very intuitive with a touch screen, but even without one, a horizontal scroll facility on the START screen would be very useful.)

It seems there is no chance of this happening as the current scrolling is "by design". If any MS designers are reading this, would you please have mercy and make it a configurable option? If you are going to cover all form factors could you please do that and not make some work at the expense of others?

Does ANYONE know of a way in which I can get horizontal scrolling back? (WITHOUT reverting to 8.1, although that looks like being the only option for my remaining development machines... it is such a pity; I REALLY wanted to have everything on Win 10.)