Like many old-timers, I find having focus follows mouse (x-mouse) a much more productive way to work than having to click in a window to give it focus. A huge advantage is to have information in a foreground window and be able to move the mouse into a partially obscured window and type using the foreground window as a reference.

However, more and more applications and operating systems, Windows being a big culprit, make windows disappear when the mouse leaves them. This is horrible. I can't click on something in the task bar and move the mouse to click in the menu because the menu disappears. I can't open an about window, then move to another window and type say the version number, because the about window has disappeared.

This is a plea to Microsoft - please make everything usable for the sizeable minority who prefers x-mouse!

Transparent titlebars are a problem too, since the only way of raising a window is to click in the title bar (or border), (except for the other class of horrible applications that auto-raise when the but first you need to find it.