I'm building a new PC (First Time), with the specifications that are listed in my profile page information.

I done some reading on your tutorials, and I just want to confirm that I am understanding it correctly.

My understanding of it is that, I burn a bootable Windows ISO to a USB under FAT32. I have to go my bios and change it so that I can only boot from UEFI, and then enable ultra-fast boot first before installing any OS. Then when I have all these settings done, I put the USB in, and then boot from UEFI USB, then just install it like usual?

Is that correct? So, when I'm finished building the pc, the first time I boot it up I go to the bios and change all the settings, then plug the flash drive in, and then boot from it with UEFI and install like usual?

If not, can you please explain what I'm not understandingly correctly.

Thanks, Kfcgn