Hi there everybody! I've been using this forum for quite a while now but I registered because I couldn't find a fix for my problem. After I log onto windows I get a black screen for a good 5-10 mintues. I can open up Task Manager with CTRL + ALT + DELETE but can't do anything really from there, at least as far as I know.... All my drivers are up to date, it has nothing to do with my screen settings. I removed all external devices but that didn't do anything either. Actually I tried all the "Fixes" Microsoft offers themselves, but none of them worked. After 5 - 10 minutes my desktop pops up and everything works fairly well! But the problem is still annoying the hell out of me

I hope any of you guys can help me out because I really don't want a clean install....

Thanks in advance!

Windows 10 Version 1511 build 10586.122