Here is a problem you might encounter: "Currently, I'm having problem deleting an old Folder. Previously, I used its parent as a shared folder, but one day when I tried to clear that folder there is one folder that has duplicate. The problem is one of them (the old one) can't be deleted even after I deleted all files/folders in that folder, I can't remove/rename that folder (could not find this item) not even with cmd as Administrator. I've tried to defrag my Windows 10 but the problem still persists." Use this command to fix it!:

Open CMD and then type:
rd /s "\\?\C:\path1\path2\path3 "
example: rd /s "\\?\C:\Sharedata\folder1\folder2 " - note the space after folder2 if there was a space after the folder name. Obviously C: is the drive that has the folder on it.

Thanks to the person that taught me this good luck!!!