Hay guys.
I have windows 10.
And i have a problem.
I installed windows 10 several months ago on one partition of my hard drive. This partition was just intended for testing windows 10, and i had another partition with my usual windows and one more with another (backup) windows.
After i tested windows 10, i decided to move windows 10 from this partition to my partition where i keep my usual windows (for everyday use).
Of course, i know that i am supposed to perform a clean install of windows 10 to that partition and just move my data from old partition to new partition.
But since i have a lot of settings i made in windows 10 since installing, and if i clean install it on this new partition, i would need a couple of weeks of everyday job to set up this installation of windows on the same way the old one is set.

So, i decided for much much much faster solution.
And that was, that i booted my backup version of windows. On that way, operating system would not have any locks on files on either this test partition with windows 10, nor on partition for everyday windows.
So, what i have done is that i, of course, set up windows to show hidden files and to not hide protected operating system files.
After that i took ownership of all folders on my testing partition, including all subfolders and files, and also granted myself full access to all of that folders subfolders and files.
This is how i can access all files and folders on the disk, including protected, read only, system, hidden, and those for which usually we get access denied error (like for system volume information).
After that, i simply selected all folders and files and moved it from the source (old, testing) partition to a destination (new, partition for everyday usage) partition.

I did not expected to get much from copy paste method, but i gave it a try anyway.
And after that, i updated bcd to load windows from new partition.

Then i rebooted by using version of windows from new partition. (the one for everyday usage).

Surprisingly, despite i expected crashes and such stuff, everything worked fine, and windows booted normally from this new partition (the one for everyday use, the one on which i copied all windows files).
Everything went fine, except, after i logged in i noticed that some microsoft programs were crashing.
Third party programs, and most of microsoft programs are working fine, just some of them started crashing.
Most notably, file explorer.
When i log in, file explorer loads, and is loaded for like 20-30 seconds, after witch it crashes (without any message), and reloads itself within 1 second, keep running for like 5 seconds, and than crashes, and so on. It forms an infinite loop of 1 second crashing, and 5 seconds of execution before repeating the cycle.
Also, internet explorer when launched keeps running for like 10-20 seconds, after witch it crashes without restart.

I have not noticed that other programs are crashing. For example google chrome works fine, control panel works fine, paint works fine, notepad, wordpad, registry editor, cmd, et cettera, they all work fine.
I noticed just problem with file explorer and internet explorer (for now).

I want to mention: First, before either file or internet explorer crashes, i notice very high cpu usage of "desktop windows manager".
And second, my guess is that this is because of incorrect paths. If i execute "set" command in cmd i see that most of the paths are wrong, id est, they are pointing to the old partition (the one from witch i copyed windows, partition for testing purposes.) this partition still has windows on itself, so, since this copy is the same like the one on that partition, all paths are pointing to valid directories. But on the wrong partition. I used setx command to change manually most of the paths to the correct new partition. However, some of the paths like "homedrive", or "userprofile", are automatically reset to the old partition (the one i copied windows from). I think this might be the cause of the problem. But i can not seem to make this changes permanent, despite that i use setx command instead of set command (setx writes to the registry). Most of the paths are fine, but several of them are reset back to original value when i restart cmd.

Another option is that some of the windows files might be corrupted. I checked with chkdisk, and sfc programs, but sfc says that it can not verify integrity, and it stops at 24%.

So, guys, do you know what can be the cause of this problem?

I know that i should had made a clean installation of windows, but, this method of simply copying files from one partition to another is much faster, and i know it can succeed, but it just needs some repairing.

Do you have any suggestions what i can try (except doing a clean install what i know i should have donE on the first place)? :)

thank you for reading.