So I just finished this build Friday and everything seems to be working great while running. My only issue is that I can't get it to wake from sleep mode correctly.

Pressing a key on the keyboard/mouse seems to initiate wake but the screen never comes on (backlight on the keyboard does). The system appears to crash and just shuts down. When I turn it back on everything is working fine.

This happens every single time out of sleep mode. It doesn't matter if the system initiates sleep mode through the power settings timers or if I initiate sleep through the power menu.


Link to guts: Intel Core i5-6600K, PowerColor Radeon R9 390, NZXT H440 (Black/Red) - System Build - PCPartPicker

*Hibernate and Hybrid Sleep are both turned off.
* Latest BIOS update applied.
* On newest version of GPU driver.
* Tried "clean boot" with all but MS applications disabled/not running, issue persists.