Windows 10: Asus only boots into EUFI BIOS screen after win 10 upgrade. Solved

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       27 Feb 2016 #1

    Asus only boots into EUFI BIOS screen after win 10 upgrade.

    I have an Asus AiO ET2221A upgraded from Win8.1 to 10 3 months ago, and today only boots into the EUFI BIOS screen. There are no errors reported on Boot, just the BIOS screen

    I was able to run Memtest from a DVD - fine, but couldn't boot into Hirens on USB or DVD. The BIOS does list the hdd partitions, plus I can search the hdd partitions/folders from within BIOS(!!); not that it helps.

    I did remove and run Chkldsk on anther PC which showed/replaced several errors (20 bad sectors). I also loaded the latest BIOS download onto the hdd which in theory I can access from within BIOS. However after replacing the hdd after the chkdsk repair, it still wouldn't boot into Windows.

    I am surprised as I would expect the BIOS to report it can't find the Windows (if it is the disk), rather than stick in BIOS without any diagnostics.

    So I am still in a quandary as to whether this is a BIOS issue and/or a HDD issue, plus by upgrading from 8.1 to 10 the latter usually corrupts the Windows (8.1) recovery partition.

    I am no expert on EUFI BIOS, but I understand that the Windows License is stored within the BIOS. If I try and re-install the BIOS is the license retained? And from that could I also re-install WIndows 10 from a download?


    Edit: since posting I have got the system to boot into Hirens, but as soon as XP starts to load it turns off the USB mouse/keyboard so becomes useless. All I did was to switch off secure boot, and specify the boot order, either optical or USB. Progress but not sure what it tells me, or how I can get the usb mouse to work in Hirens in a eufi system (not had this issue before with non-eufi systems).

    Do you think this does, however point to a hdd issue?
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    This is more than likely a HDD issue if it has bad sectors. You need to get that hard disk replaced.

    Was this also a preinstalled version of Windows 8.1? If so, you will need to install a clean version of Windows onto your system on a new hard disk

    Do you have a Windows install disk? If so, insert the disk and go into the BIOS, and make sure your dvd ROM is set to boot first in the UEFI BIOS. When reinstalling Windows 10, make sure the UEFI only is selected in the BIOS.

    If you don't have an install disk, you will need to get on another PC and download the Windows 10 media creation tool. This tool with download the installation media, and will give you the chance to either burn to DVD or save to an empty USB flash drive.

    If you have already activated Windows 10, it will automatically reactivate after reinstallation.
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    UEFI stands for United Extensible Firmware Interface, which is a new way the system is able to interact with the hardware as well as the Operating System. UEFI offers the new secure boot feature made for Windows 8 and Windows 10. It also adds on a GUI interface for added mouse support, and has a lot more bells and whistles to ensure greater system performance, reliability, compatibility and stability. UEFI replaces the old traditional Legacy BIOS that was on older systems, However, it keeps compatibility for if you want to run a non UEFI system, such as Windows Vista or Windows 7. It's also for anyone who uses Linux.
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       28 Feb 2016 #5

    Thank you guys, I am now better informed.

    just 2 things:

    I was able to get the system to start loading win10 from a disk I have (unfortunately wrong version Pro as opposed to the Home version I need). Am I right to think (i) no point using the recovery partition (win 8.1) which in my experience would be corrupted when upgraded to win10, (ii) where can I download win10 home from?

    Secondly when loading win10 to a "virgin" hdd, will it automatically format the drive with the mbr/gpt choice during the install? For a 1tb drive it doesn't matter whether I use MBR or GPT?

    Edit: A third thing: How does one know which version of Windows one has when (i) you loose the system as we have, and (ii) the sticker just says Windows 8 (or 10) but not the version, Home, Pro etc?
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    Not always. You can go back to Windows 8.1 if you do it within 30 days. Now since its been 3 months, yeah it's time to do a clean install, or if you have Windows 8.1 recovery media, you can start there.

    Although with a lot of the forums on here where people are expressing issues with Windows 10, that you should do a clean install. If you are wanting to keep your restore media, buy another hard drive, and the recovery is set.

    If the Motherboard has a key like F11 to start the recovery of a recovery media, upgrading doesn't totally kill that. I've had to use the recovery media on a few systems and it has worked just fine.

    When loading to a clean HDD, if you boot using the UEFI Boot loader, the Hard disk will be formatted in GPT.

    The system will say, press any key to boot from CD/DVD if you install the OS from a DVD. Press any key to load from UEFI Boot Loader.

    If you are using a USB flash drive, the system will automatically boot using the UEFI Boot loader.

    If you type in your model name in Google, it will sometimes tell you which version of Windows came Factory with the board.

    If you had Windows 8.1, you need Windows 10 Home.

    If you had Windows 8.1 PRO, then you need Windows 10 PRO..

    You can Download Windows 10 online by going to Google and looking for "Windows 10 Media Creation tool".

    Keep in mind, the install media for Window 10 1511 has both Windows 10 Home and PRO versions on the same install media, so if you have that, you are good to go.

    If you have Windows 10 PRO Version 10240 RTM, then you will need to use the media creation tool to download the new version
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  7.    28 Feb 2016 #7

    Also make sure to download the x64 bit media

    It also says on the ASUS website that this computer with Windows 8/not PRO version.
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       01 Mar 2016 #8

    Re-install Win10 issues after replacing corrupt hdd

    Thank you maneke exactly what was required - I called Asus to check the version, and they confirmed it was "Pro". (MS stickers don't specify, perhaps Microsoft needs to re-think this one out, because when we have a dead hdd, how does one tell?)

    I have installed win 10, and boots into 10 with a couple of caveats below), so we now know it wasn't a EUFI issue but simply a corrupted hdd. MS decision in regard to failing hdd's in 10 leaves much to be desired (can be checked in Events, but when the system is dead that's not possible).

    The two issues I have may be due to the way I did the clean re-install. First I copied all partitions (including the System EFI ;partition) but not the damaged system partition. I did a clean install to this unallocated space (same size as previously).

    Now when I boot I have two issues I would like to clear up:

    (i) On clean boot it asks me which of two Win10 options I want to boot into. The new one is the default, the old one goes to an error. As there are 30 secs to choose, one could reduce this to 0 to resolve (how?); preferably to remove the options altogether?

    (ii) it is asking me for a COA license, of course we don't have one as originally it was an upgrade from 8.1 where the licence is held within EUFI?

    Any advice how to resolve these two issues would be appreiated - very steep learning curve with Win10!
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  9.    01 Mar 2016 #9

    When doing a clean install, you always must delete all partitions before doing a reinstall.
    You never want to transfer partitions, unless you plan to transfer the os from one drive to another, which is using a system image to restore the OS. Reinstalling without deleting partitions will create 2 different entries in the BCD, thus causing you to have the dual boot configuration. If you haven't installed anything on the system, I suggest you boot into setup and do a clean install by deleting the boot partitions you transferred and start from scratch.

    Windows should reactivate on its own if the hardware is the same.

    Let me know, if after doing a clean install, if it still asks you to reactivate
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       01 Mar 2016 #10

    Thanks I thought as much. Good to get confirmation. So back to the start! Will advise.
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