Brand new guy with a question:

I have a Dell Inspiron 13 connected via a Kensington SD 4000 dock to two external monitors.

When I am in my office, the laptop is connected to the dock, and the lid is closed.

Everything works fine, EXCEPT when I restart (or just boot up)

On restart - the laptop boots, but the secondary monitors (both) get a black screen - I can see the mouse cursor but nothing else.

The quick "solution" is to open the laptop lid and close it again. This immediately brings the lock screen up to my secondary monitors and then everything is perfectly normal.

What I want to happen is no black screen, just boot up to my secondary monitors. This used to happen, but something changed and I can not figure out what.

What I have checked:

The display drivers are up to date. This is an Intel HD Graphics520

The docking station driver and firmware is up to date

The Power Saver plans are all set to DO NOTHING WHEN PLUGGED IN, and to normal power saver type settings when on battery.

I have been on Win 10 for a while, and this problem is recent.

All updates are current.

Rolling back the display driver did not change anything. It is now back up to date.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!