I'm trying to allows my TV and Xbox one to access a folder on my external hard drive using the Homegroup.

  • I have turned Homegroup on,
  • Changed the password,
  • Allowed all the devices on the network to share content,
  • Added my folder on the external HD to the Homegroup.

When I go to the Xbox or TV, my Laptop is discovered, and I'm presented with 4 folder. Videos, Pictures, Music and Playlists.
The problem is there are no video files (or any files in any category for that matter; pictures, music or playlist.)

I tried copying the video files I want to share into the default "Videos" folder windows 10 gives you which is also being shared on the homegroup, but the Xbox and TV still cant find any files.

Navigating the Pictures folder on either the Xbox or TV shows no pictures either (and i have pictures saved in the default pictures folder in windows)

Whats going on here?