Hey, so ever since I installed Windows 10 back in December I've been having some issues. Mainly OpenGL, like sometimes(not always) when watching a Youtube video in Chrome I get the yellow message "WebGL has hit a snag" even though the video seems to play just fine.

Though recently the problem escalated, now sometimes the video is just all black even though it clearly is playing as you can hear the sound. Today it also seems to crash once, as it went back to the old flash player version.

I've googled a bit, and not really found much, other then that I should turn on OpenGL in Chrome, it was on by default...
I've also run the "sfc /scannow" in Windows and the logs from that said that opencl.dll(guessing it's related?) is corrupted, and that it can't be repaired. Download link to the CBS.log file is here (The error start at line 42427 or 15:12:35)

Anyone know what this could be? Or if there is a fix.
Thanks in advance! :)