Windows 10: I need Windows 10 replacement files; to manually repair the O.S Apps. Solved

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    I want Windows 10 files; to manually repair the O.S Apps I lost ?

    I've went into the hidden applications folders an directly & indirectly messed it up . All my own doing .
    Don't ask me why I did this; I don't have a good answer. Everything else functions otherwise, I still have access to Cortana, and the OS is snappy.

    So specifically Maps ( I like offline Maps ) , Store, and Calculator ( I also used the Calculator a lot ) ;
    Win 10-Photo viewer , and a Bing Application or two

    ( Finance , etc )
    are not functioning
    ( will not appear , or missing ) .
    Mostly a domino effect, from intentionally removing other Apps , which played on others. Example, if you were to remove Groove Music, it will effect iHeart radio. etc.
    ( I didn't remove Grove Music ).

    The Store and X-box App ; I completely deleted ; all of their files are not present anymore .

    (( I used a combination of third party applications to locate and delete files ;
    with View Hidden files checked , I used - Unlocker, Revo Uninstaller-( which gets files, and registry entries ) , Search Engine Everything and Space Sniffer .
    I added Unlocker, to the right click menu through the registry , which allowed for deleting of files in bulk . Run as administrator , etc. Folders I could not access; I could through the Unlocker window.
    Then sweep up with CCleaner, which Windows tends to try and prevent from running . ))

    But if you want Maps to function, and update, you need The Store as far as I know.

    After deleting the Xbox app the Windows Update errors began . So Windows 10 builds wont update.

    But ; I don't want the Xbox app back.

    I think if I have a copy of some of these folders ; perhaps I can put them back , and these applications will work again.

    I believe System restores ( non early enough ), and Update & Security > Recovery > options cant work in my case without risk of the system not turning back on again ; because of Missing files . I've tried the base recovery, where personal files are not effected , yet that was not able to complete because of the corrupted and missing files .

    ...Windows 10 Home - Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586 ...

    The Update & Security > "" Windows Update "" has a corrupt files error code : I cant updated the build versions I'm at; seems to be.

    Accounts > ""Your email and accounts "" window wont load.
    ( Accounts is important, as Cortana needs access to one to function ; So I almost lost Cortana , but Managed to avoid that, but I cant recall how >
    I Think by creating another account on the OS, accessing Cortana from there with the same outlook email account; then switching back. Perhaps that did it. )

    Ideally - I'd like access to Maps ; Calculator and The Store , The Windows Updates
    and Your email and accounts window working .

    I've tried making another account within the OS : Some of these options appear to work there ; Maps, and email and accounts menu , But updates will not apply there either same
    Error code: (0x80073712) .

    Even where you'd choose default apps, there are letters in its place: "
    TWINUI " .

    I've tried copying the Maps application folders from that account, migrating them over to the corrupted account , but with no clue' I'm unsure where to place these files again.
    I've since deleted the test account. But will make another attempt ; if only to get the calculator and Map files.

    Its easy for me to get into these folders and extract files and delete them all .
    I've actually completely deleted Internet Explorer : that seems to have
    Not any adverse effects on Windows 10 ( clean up after with CCleaner . Edge still works .

    But I notice its harder to place files Into the same Windows Application folders , it wont allow the placement. I figure a 3rd part application can help place those files for me .

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    I would try this first:
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums

    Step 6 is about as easy as it gets.
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    To: NavyLCDR

    Thanks for that suggestion ; seems promising ; and the way to go .

    I worry my personal files and applications will be overwritten with Step 6 .

    I will attempt that at some point ; if there are no other options . And will Update on the outcome ....

    If not, I'll leave as is for the time being, as I don't have the storage to back up my applications and files . And I have a lot of customization to the registry that will be a hassle to write in again.

    I'm in no rush to apply Step 6 as ; aside from what I mentioned above,
    Windows 10 still functions well. Cortana voice search works, Edge and the other applications are functional and snappy .But I hope to get Maps ; Store ; email account and Window Updates back on the system.

    Worst case; I'll simply invest into another PC to gain offline maps etc; and leave things as is; on this Laptop.
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    To: Cyberrufus . I will consider your suggestion Cyberrufus you posted to the other forum I accidentally posted to .

    I have tried many of the PowerShell and cmd codes to no avail. In fact, I've taken a code or two, only to have it corrupt some of the apps further. I think the Bing apps I mentioned prior were messed up with this method But I will consider trying it again after I set a restore point. But I'm sure this wont work :

    I've applied this many times in combination with other codes.

    Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"

    A lot of the files this code calls on, are missing or corrupted in my case . A list of red mostly appears.

    Maybe the power-shell and command prompt can help to manually place some files .
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    I myself on the first use of Windows 10 had to make a decision about Windows Apps, you want it or you don't want it. I've been playing around with like you said PS and CMD command line to see how things work but mostly failed and failed and all failed.

    So, my decision was to get rid all of it and only kept the Store app and Edge which will cause error on Windows Update.
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    Private said: View Post
    I myself on the first use of Windows 10 had to make a decision about Windows Apps, you want it or you don't want it. I've been playing around with like you said PS and CMD command line to see how things work but mostly failed and failed and all failed.

    So, my decision was to get rid all of it and only kept the Store app and Edge which will cause error on Windows Update.
    Yeah I know what you mean. I have a tendency to mess things up. My main goal simply was to lighten the OS function. Seems to have worked, but at a coast. I'll be back if anything changes. And to read other suggestions .
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