Windows 10: Files and Folder Permission Help.. Solved

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    Files and Folder Permission Help..

    I just had windows 10 installed and in Windows old it will not allow me to view users under my name tells me I don't have permission to access that particular file. I can view all the other ones in windows old but not users that's where my desktop items that was saved on my computer and I need those files in it! Is there a solution to this. It's my computer and don't think I've had this problem before. Thanks TCSnoopy
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       17 Feb 2016 #2

    That's because the permissions from the old Windows 7 install are locking you out.

    Try these instructions and see if you can access the files then.

    Take ownership of a file or folder: User Rights; Security Policy; Security Services
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    Still can't. I've been trying and it tell me access denied. I don't know what else to do. I changed name and the objects types that are checked are
    other objects
    built in security principles
    If I press apply then it denied my process. Thanks, TCSnoopy
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    Humm,. Did you set your user name (ex. TCSnoopy Domain/TCSnoopy or whatever your user name is in Windows) to be the owner then go back into the properties page for that folder and set the permissions for your user group (name) to have full control? Just taking ownership is only half of it.

    Here are some instructions I wrote up on a different form for the same issue.....

    I'll use an imaginary folder called "Data" as the reference name to refer to the folder we'll be working with. Of course you'll need to replace Data with your folder of choice. Probably the entire "User" folder within the Windows 7 backup.

    Next right click Data and select properties. You can do this on a per folder basis if taking over the whole User directory is to scary for you.

    You'll see the Advanced button at the bottom of the properties dialog box, click that. This will open the Advanced Security Settings for "Data". Low and behold there's lots of items listed. We won't bother those, that's how things get messed up. We're here to change owners of this folder, so click the blue link marked "Change"

    Now an additional window appears, this is the user group entry form. In the object name box type your User Name, in my case it was Britton. Then hit "Check Names", if that account exist the OS will update the name accordingly with something like Britton (Gigabyte/Britton), for example.

    Hit Ok and that windows goes away and you're back at the advanced settings windows, you should check on the box "Replace owner on subcontainers and contents" if that option appears. Then click Ok and then click Ok again on the original properties box. You will get a nag screen as well asking are you sure, etc. Of course you are.

    Then immediately right click and select properties on "Data" again. You have to close and reopen the properties so that the ownership change takes effect. We'll be going back in there to set the permission access levels this time, for your "User Name" group. This part is simple, on the properties page hit edit and a similar window appears on top of the other one. It looks the same for the most part but now that your the owner of "Data" you can check the boxes off. I simply selected my name from the list and checked on the Full Control in the Permissions area at the bottom. Hit apply and then ok when the system is done applying the properties to all the files within the "Data" folder.

    That's it, you're now the proud owner of your data again. Repeat this process for any folder that causes you headaches down the road.

    I know it's possible to get in there, didn't the upgrade process migrate your User Data from Windows 7 into the new library folders?
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    To your question on " didn't the upgrade process migrate your User Data from Windows 7 into the new library folders?". All I know is I have windows old and can search all files except Users. I know nothing about the files I'm not familiar with. Wish I could get this done before 28 days. That's what I've read that it deletes it self or something. I did check in my user profile and it says local account administrator. mine is TCroft. Don't make no sense..
    Thanks for trying to help me. TCSnoopy
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    Yeah that's the way it works, after 30 days Windows will erase the Windows.old directory. Which will suck in your case, you can also manually clear Windows.old with disk cleanup's advanced settings option.

    Try this then, try copying the entire user folder, not move just copy, to say your downloads directory on the Windows 10 side. It might be kind of big, but a copy of the data may or should allow you to at least open the folder and view the files, and possible move the copied data to where you want it. I know when I did my upgrade the installer copied/moved the data in my user folder but only in the specific folders like Pictures, Documents etc. If there was a custom folder you made that had specific data in it then that folder will be locked up and the data may or may not be accessible anymore.

    If you are unable to get in there I'd be willing to try and teamview your system from here and see if I can figure it out remotely. However, that is entirely up to you, some folks aren't comfortable with people they don't know looking at their desktop environment using remove viewing software. Just an idea was all.
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    Give me a few minutes, I think you're missing something when your trying to take ownership. If I'm right your not setting the TC account with the Full Access rights, leaving the System or Admin group in charge even though you took ownership. Taking ownership will not grant you access if the other "Permission Groups" like Administrator or TrustedInstaller are still allowed full control. Their control permissions trump yours if you don't set your User Group to have Full Access.
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    I would really like for you to fix it from where your at. I've been working on this for a while. LMK. Thanks, TCSnoopy
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    Ok you'll have to excuse my rushed screen print and crude paint job, but does your "User Name" group look like this one for that folders properties screen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I got it! TY
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