Ok so here's what I used to have orange boring cones for .mp3 .mp4 . all my many file types that I would look at daily.

I really need to change the look of things. So I downloaded something called "Filetypesman" which is totally freak out of this world for a quick way to change file typ icons in windows 10.

So I switched the file types icons with these pretties. For .mp3 its the little pink butterflys and for .mp4 and .flv there both flowers.

It looks like this! picture below.
Click image for larger version. 

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Now once you see the image you will notice that for the first icon its a pink flower and then for the second its a folder icon from that show. Which is just something I used quickly to see if it would work. Now here's what I did I used filetypesman to change the file types icons to flowers and butterflys but for the shows folder icon I made a shortcut from the first file and changed its icon. But then I'm stuck with 2 of the same things in the same folder. Is here any way to remove the original file to keep the shortcut or to just change the icons on the originals.

I already have the folder icons changed I was working on that pretty late last night.

So now I was wondering if there's a way to change the flowers to something more specific like a image turned into a icon from that show. Because I can't use all of the images in the .mp4 the same for the assassination classroom because I also have some dragon ball z movies also downloaded to my pc.

So I'm looking for a way to change them but if I can't oh well the flowers and butterflys are still pretty.