Windows 10: Really Bad Freezing Issues..

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    Really Bad Freezing Issues..

    Hello, I've had Windows 10 since the day of release (upgraded from 8.1). It has worked flawlessly showing no signs of issues. Just yesterday I started encountering some rather unusual, very very frustrating issues. Whether I am browsing file explorer or simply playing a game, the mouse, keyboard, screen, everything freezes up, and I can not do anything. Right now, as I am writing this post (2 times during sign up) my screen froze. installed windows 10 thinking that would be a quick fix, has slowed down since.. I am very frustrated with this issue as my general flow of activity is interrupted every 3-5 minutes. I dont know if there is something I am doing wrong. please help me. I want to enjoy my pc again
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    Hello What Welcome to the Ten Forums! and the world of "Buggy Upgrades"!

    And you can try a few things first being the Disk Check tool as well as the System File Checker and hopefully see results. But! the ideal solution at this time since 10 was already activated and if you didn't for some reason receive the November 11th Threshold 2 Update to upgrade out of the 10240 build released last July into the 10586 general release version build then you will want to see a nice fresh Clean Install of Windows 10 on the machine there!

    First off however to get the Disk Check tool scheduled for the next startup and not simply running the quick scan option in the C drive's properties screen since you want the tool to run while nothing else is to see if it can clear this up for you simply right click on the Start button and scroll down to the Command prompt(admin) option in the right click menu that appears the same manner as it did in 8 and 8.1 only on the Start button itself this time not the lower left hand corner of the screen.

    Once the command prompt is open simply type the "chkdsk /r/f" command in with the R for Repair and F for Fix switches both on the end as seen there without any quotation marks of course and then hit the Enter/Return key depending on how the keyboard is layed out. Most at this time will only see the "Enter" while many old systems saw the "Return" as had been with typewriters, old word processors, etc..

    The tool will usually clean up any disk errors that have accumulated over time so Windows will be back running again. But the ideal solution for most initially after having seen the upgrade type install was a full fresh clean install when bugs appeared much sooner. So you might want to keep that on the burner as well as back things up from the drive in case you still continue to have problems.

    The other tool being the System File Checker is run while you are still in a Windows session by typing the command at either one of the command prompt options or instead choosing the Run command line Windows gui type also found in the right click menu and unfortunately not any longer in the Start menu itself as it had been with XP, Vista, 7 but not with 8 or 8.1 and now 10. At the Run command line simply type the "sfc /scannow" command in and click the ok button to let that run. With previous versions you might be prompted for the Windows dvd if the tool found some corrupted or missing system files that the tool couldn't fix. You might see it prompt for the 10 media while the description seems to point more at disk errors which can cause Windows to fail to even start up as well as freeze on you! Give those two a good run with each.
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    Hello, Night Hawk, thank you for the detailed description on ways to fixed the freezing issues. Unfortunately, after trying both of these things I am still encountering the freezing problems.
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    Sounds like a display driver problem.If you can,download WhoCrashed,{} and run it immediately after a freeze to see if it will identify the cause.Also check your Reliability History {type those words in Search}.Check and research any red flagged entries via View tech details tag.
    You might have to go through the long process of completely uninstalling the graphic card drivers and installing the most uptodate version from the maker's website.
    Regrettably,there is no one solution fits all,this problem is common to Win10.
    Best of luck.
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    Look to see if you installed the update KB3081441 or 1444, those caused me significant problems, they have been superseded but if you have the old packages you can uninstall them.

    Mostly I get the freezeups when using Edge Browser. I only had 2 GB DDR2 400MHz Ram, I finally updated to 4 GB 800Mhz DDR2, it's the most I can have, and Ten runs so badly that I finally restored one of my Windows 7 HDDs and put it back in. I've been using that since Christmas, coming back in here and seeing how it runs occasionally. I'm still on build 10240, I tried updating to a newer build but it failed and now I'm locked out from trying again.

    Maybe try that, if you can't get the insider upgrade, you should be able to download the installation files so you can put them on a Thumb Drive. I'm going to try that myself as soon as I can find where you download the installation files.

    I agree with the Driver issue, see if you can right click on your display driver, and then see if you can roll back to a previous driver. I had to prevent my PC from installing GeForce updates, I have the best drivers they ever made for the old card I have, the lastest updates all fail to install.
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    I agree with the driver issues. I recommend a clean install with Windows 10 1511. I haven't had any issues with a clean install of Windows.

    Also, you may want to try to go into safe mode and see if your system freezes there. If it doesn't, then its a problem in normal startup.

    Click on start
    Click power
    Before hitting restart, hold down the shift key. Keep it pressed while clicking restart.

    Click on troubleshoot
    Click advanced options
    Click startup settings
    Click restart

    When it reboots, press 4 for safe mode, or press 5 for safe mode with networking. With one will work. While in safe mode, you shouldn't have any freezes hopefully.

    You may want to check system restore and check to see if there are any restore points that were before the freezing started.

    Right click on start
    Click system
    Click on system protection
    Click system restore

    You can then check to see if a restore point is available.

    It's an option. But as I said, a clean install is better than the upgrade at this point as there are lots of driver issues.
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    Since the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 was for the 10240 originally I would have said an immediate clean install would be recommended! If you haven't seen the Threshold 2 Update go on seen on November 11th the upgrade into the newer build alone would help solve a number of initial bugs! The clean install as advised however will resolve everything in a fast hurry and the 10 installed has been real good here at locating the drivers that do work on system devices that is while expansion devices mostly seen with desktops however are also found!

    One thing to verify the correct driver end up being seen is to keep from checking off the get all updates option if you are concerned any however and manually download what is needed from the long list at the Toshiba support site! Satellite C855D-S5105 Support | Toshiba

    That is an exceptionally longer list of drivers available then the typical lists for other companies there. Drivers for everything all updated in January of this year as well.
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