Windows 10: Need Direction re. where to discuss my W10 problems

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    Need Direction re. where to discuss my W10 problems

    I have encountered several problems re. upgrade to W10.
    1) Cannot get Chrome to function at all, which was my preferred browser before W10 (using Win7 and upgrade to 8.1).
    2) Edge seems incompatible with Lastpass. So it is inconvenient to look up passwords all the time and key them in.
    3) Cannot print eBay International mailing labels with Firefox (but can do so with Edge). Haven't found a fix yet.

    My preference would be to switch to Edge but incompatibility with Lastpass seems functionally to preclude that choice.
    My second choice would be Chrome, but I cannot figure out how to surmount whatever the barrier is.
    My third choice would be to continue to use Firefox, but it's a pain in the butt to change to Edge once a month when I find I need to print an eBay International mailing label.

    Please point me to an appropriate area of this site to seek appropriate help.
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    I think you`re in the right place, surprised no one has offered any help.

    Is this an upgrade of 10 ?

    Is this a clean install of 10 ?

    Why is it such an issue to use Edge to print a label ??? it`s just 1 click .

    Why are you using Lastpass ?

    I`ve never had any Ebay label printing issues using Chrome.
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    Welcome to the fourm.

    One of the last-ditch efforts for problematic software is to back up any profile data, uninstall and reinstall. In this case of upgrading to Windows 10, the transition might not have been error-free for the browsers. To eliminate that possibility as the cause, a refreshed or brand new profile would be necessary.
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    It is an upgrade to W10 Home 64-bit on a 5-yr-old gateway desktop PC. I had W7, which I upgraded to 8.1. The computer froze during the upgrade and I had to restore it to 'out of the box' somewhere in the process. Then I had to install approx. 200 updates before I could upgrade to 10. I use Lastpass because I don't want to have to look up every password that I need. I cannot get Chrome to work at all. Right now I do not remember the several various inane messages that I got in previous attempts to install Chrome. I have not tried to reinstall it in a couple months. The messages were variations of something like 'Aw Shucks' or 'Sorry Mr Bill'.

    I like what I have seen with Edge and may try to migrate to it, and perhaps find another password vault that is compatible. Maybe W10 has a password vault and I don't even know about it. I have configured W10 to look and act as much like W7 as I can, mainly because my wife and I are approx. 75 yrs old, and she is even more resistant to change than I am. In my opinion Windows XP was Microsoft's first and last OS release that was a significant improvement on MS-DOS 1.0.

    So my biggest issues are password vault (incompatible with Edge) and printing eBay's international labels (incompatible with Firefox). I have no idea why I have the only PC in the world that is incompatible with Chrome. I tried every 'fix on the internet, to no avail, and finally abandoned any hope of ever using Chrome again. I use Malwarebytes Pro.

    I have confirmed that I can print intl labels using my wife's W8.1 computer and Chrome. My printer is a Samsung LaserJet. The problem is not in the printer. Using my computer, every time I try to print an intl eBay label, I fail to get a complete label image on my screen. I get a partial image with a spinning hourglass that persists. Ebay says that there is no difference in the way they send a screen image of a domestic label and an intl label, which seems highly improbable to me.

    I tried to reinstall chrome a minute ago and when it comes up I now get the following message (which I have never seen in numerous previous attempts to install the browser): "Failed to load extension from c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\48.0.2564\resources\gaia_auth. Manifest file is missing or unreadable." I will uninstall Chrome as soon as I post this message.

    I appreciate any help that you might be able to provide.
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    Re your suggestion
    for problematic software is to back up any profile data, uninstall and reinstall.

    Pls clarify, which software you are referring to: Windows 10, Chrome, or something else? Re-installing W10 is out of the question. I would prefer slashing my wrists, as the previous 'upgrade' took at least 48 hours of effort. I have spent equivalent time trying to get various versions of Chrome to work.
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    What I wrote was a general meme applicable for the OS down to an extension or plugin.

    I don't use Chrome, so I'm not familiar with the way it works from install to uninstall.

    A complete uninstall of Chrome, including the profile data, seems the sensible thing to do; and then install Chrome and build a new profile from the ground up.
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