so..this morning I boot up to do my radio show like I do every weekday morning, and come back with coffee and breakfast and I push my start key on the keyboard, look up from contemplating my coffee 10 seconds later and then my start menu appears. 'so..ok thats strange' is my thoughts. I close out of the start menu, reopen...10 seconds later it appears. 'something funky chicken going on here' is the next thought. now this has happened before, so I follow my usual fix. I close out of everything and perform a restart. start menu works normally when the system finishes booting. 10 minutes later and its two minutes to 9..I push start, intending on checking the weather app...nothing. I look up, and rather than push a key on the keyboard..I click. nope.. ' today is so not the day to have a senior moment' I think. so..second restart required. appears to be working normally now.

so...what the frak is going on? I doubt its a corrupted profile as things would be infinitely worse from what my research has told me.

I am using windows 10 version 1511 os build 10586.71