Me again, I'm afraid. You resolved my how-to-save problems in this thread:

I've started this new thread because of so many strange things happening since I powered-up at 5 am GMT today. I accept that some/all may just be that I've moved up from Win7, that many of the issues may just be changes introduced in Win8, that what I'm seeing now is how Win10 works but here we go, in no particular order:

(1) When I viewed the contents of a folder in Win7 and e.g. renamed a file or sub-folder, I'm sure the change appeared immediately. It doesn't now - I've to look at another folder and return; then the renamed folder is there.
(2) When I save a snip say to Desktop (temporarily), in Win7 I'd enter "snip" in the name box and it would bring up all the others snips saved. Useful if I'm saving a sequence of multiple snips. It doesn't now and I have to move down and find the snips already saved.
(3) I went to my Club Secretary folder. There's a number of folders there eg Committee / Subs / Legal and one is 'Other'. In Other is a folder that I wanted to move up to the main Secretary list. I first renamed it then dragged it into Secretary. I saw no change - as per (1). When I came back and looked again, it wasn't there. This happened again. I opened it and moved the five files there into the new folder 'Private Functions' that I'd created. I then went back, found that Functions was still there but when I tried to delete it, it wouldn't let me, saying that a document was still is use. But it wasn't - I'd checked. I then decided to Restart and was able to delete it then. But although This PC > Desktop showed the new file to be on the desktop, it wasn't.
(4) Restart didn't work - it was showing for nine minutes before I switched off then on. Will Event Viewer tell me what caused this or is it a known fault even in new PCs?
(5) Showing at the top of the Event Viewer>Windows Logs>System was this "3180!". I saved the contents of each relevant section of the Logs into a new folder in This PC>Documents. They saved and are there but why did I get a message that each one had been saved to OneDrive? Every one of my files and folders are now showing again in OneDrive>Documents although I'd deleted them. A few days ago I'd changed my OneDrive settings per Brink's tutorial, as this snip shows

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Name:	snip - OneDrive settings 2016-02 8th.PNG 
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so why is OneDrive still poking its nose in?
(6) The contents of OneDrive on my PC shows I have a new file - an empty one:
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Name:	snip - contents of OneDrive on my PC 2016-02 8th.PNG 
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but I can't delete it:
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Name:	snip2 - contents of OneDrive on my PC  2016-02 8th.PNG 
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I don't think it's a nasty but how can I remove it?

(7) and the final strange happening earlier is that before restarting, I went to close the five IE11 screens that I had open. Clicking on the X in the bottom task bar didn't work so I tried to open one and then close them from the tabs there. They wouldn't display - they shot up for a second and then disappeared.

Feel free to help in part or in whole - this kind of thing unsettle me, having have this new PC freeze with the BSOD twice.

Thanks for your patience.