b1rd said:
Yes, good to know indeed, as I was unaware of this aspect of OneDrive. .... b1rd
To further elaborate with a practical example of this- say I have a folder, This PC/Pictures/Wedding which has 100 pictures from a wedding. I want to share 20 of these with other people. I need to COPY these 20 to a created OneDrive/Pictures/Wedding sub-folder and generate a link so friends can view or download these 20 only. The orig 100, incl the copied 20, are still in This PC/Pictures while the 20 dupes are in a OneDrive folder on both the PC and the OneDrive Cloud.

If you had MOVED the 20, vs Copy, they are taken out of the orig 100 leaving 80 and if you later delete the folder or some of the pictures from the OneDrive folder, they are gone from both locations, hence LOST for good. It is important to understand the implications of syncing only the info in the OneDrive folders vs the This PC files which are independent. You can also, by right clicking the OneDrive tray icon/Settings, pick and choose which folder to sync too, but let's not complicate things for people totally unfamiliar with OneDrive features.
Hope this helps somebody.