Windows 10: things still irritating about windows

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  1.    03 Feb 2016 #1

    things still irritating about windows

    first off... I think windows 10 is the best version of windows I have ever used. windows xp was ok but not great, vista was awfull and pretty much made me switch to apple. didn't use 7 much but wasn't real thrilled with it compared to os far 10 seems to be almost as stable as os x . that being said there are still things about windows that are irritating and not needed in os x.

    1. the need for anti virus protection... I have ran a mac and have never used any type of security product and never had any issues and I would go to any web site.

    2. routine disk clean up and cookie/history cleaning. again I have never had to do any of that on my apple

    3. routine disk optimization/defragment. ... once again I have never needed to do any on my mac.

    if Microsoft could eliminate the need for the above, and make the os as stable as apple.... I would probably have no complaints about windows outside of microsoft's business practices which have nothing to do with how the os performs.
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  2.    03 Feb 2016 #2

    1, use the build in one, its just does its own thing, no need to do anything with it, I don't event notice its there
    2, routine disk clean up and history cleaning, never had to do any of this on my PC
    3, disk optimisation/defrag, again, never need to do any of this, just like my mac

    not sure on your stability, I have a Mac and a Windows, both are as stable as each other
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  3.    03 Feb 2016 #3

    1. There are plenty of serious Mac malware in the wild. Any Macs on our corporate network are required to have virus protection. If you look at the various attack vectors for malware, you'll realize that just visiting a website is only one of them, and surely not the only way to be infected. How would a Mac user know their computer is infected if they don't have any way of scanning or keeping watch?
    2. I don't do any of that on my PCs, so I'm not sure how or why this is a topic to bring up.
    3. Again, not needed if you are running an SSD, but it also can and should be done on a non-SSD whether you are running a Mac or a PC.

    Now add in how ridiculous Apple's support is for business customers (Dell comes to me next business day, Apple has to have the computers sent out), how expensive their systems are despite using nearly identical hardware, and the additional cost people pay for a Windows license to run in Bootcamp, and you really can't make a logical argument in favor of an Apple computer.

    Did I mention that the Blackhat Conference routinely picks OSX as the least secure OS?

    Finally, my company of 120 worldwide has about 25 Apple computers (all very recent). They generate more support calls and issues than all the remaining Dells combined.
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  4.    03 Feb 2016 #4

    windows 10 seems as stable as my mac mini running el capitan. however I have only used windows 10 for 2 months and I have been using my mini since 2010
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  5.    03 Feb 2016 #5

    I have never needed to go to the apple store for product support except twice.... once the MacBook pro I had before it was stolen was doing updates and lost power due to a power failure and the battery going dead and once to get the battery replaced as warranty even though it was 2 years out of warranty. don't know any pc companies that would replace the battery for free 2 years out of warranty besides apple
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  6.    03 Feb 2016 #6

    We all have choices and go for the system that suits us best

    If you feel that OSX is a better OS and Apple give a free battery after the warranty runs out then stick with Apple
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  7.    03 Feb 2016 #7

    We've had to send out a few MacBook Pros that have needed motherboard's replaced. Dell comes to our office next business day to do the same. Dell will also replace the battery under a business warranty if it was covered, which we do for three years, still costing far less than a similarly-equipped Apple computer, even excluding the cost of a separate Windows license.

    I'm fine with people wanting or using Apple computers. Everyone has their choice and opinion. You just can't make a case that they are better, more stable, or cheaper than a PC.
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  8.    03 Feb 2016 #8

    I like windows 10 as well as apple. don't like having to run virus protection or have to run maintenance programs
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  9.    03 Feb 2016 #9

    pitbullpup said: View Post
    I like windows 10 as well as apple. don't like having to run virus protection or have to run maintenance programs
    Then let windows run them in the background when needed and ignore them
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  10.    03 Feb 2016 #10

    pitbullpup said: View Post
    I like windows 10 as well as apple. don't like having to run virus protection or have to run maintenance programs
    It's irresponsible to use a connected computer without protection. How do you know your computer hasn't become part of a botnet that's attacking a legitimate company's website? How do you know your information isn't being stolen without your knowledge? Besides, most good AV sofwtare takes so little resources you won't notice it running, and they keep themselves updated. There's absolutely no hassle to run them, by design.

    Second, what maintenance programs are you running on Windows that are a hassle? As each new version of Windows has been released, the user has to do less and less to keep the OS running in tip top shape.

    I'm really confused as to how you are forming your opinions.
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