OneDrive offline storage?

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    Windows 10

    They supposedly made it simpler in 10, I preferred how it works in 8.1

    If you open file explorer, there is a section called Onedrive, this shows everything you have synced from the above picture I showed
    I also have my main documents folder pointed at the Onedrive documents instead of the local version
    This might explain that a bit more (the green tick shows it is a synced onedrive folder)

    OneDrive offline storage?-onedrivelocaldocuments.jpg
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    Windows 10 Professional x64

    As far as the default location: "OS drive (usually C:) -> Users -> (Your User Name) -> Onedrive

    If you want to move it to a different location:
    1) Unlink it by right clicking the OneDrive icon in the notification toolbar (by the clock)
    2) The OneDrive setup screen may pop up after you do this, but IGNORE it for now
    3) Go to the folder (usually C:\users\(your user name) and single-click onedrive folder to highlight it
    4) On the Home tab of file explorer, click on "Move"
    5) Relocate OneDrive to where you want it
    6) Back to the ignored OneDrive setup screen: sign back in to onedrive
    7) Follow the setup - Make sure you change the location to the new location of your local folder
    8) You will get a prompt that the chosen folder already has files in it, choose the "Use This Location" option
    9) Back under the OneDrive settings (right clicking the icon by the clock) you can choose which folders to save locally
    10) You're good to go! Any changes you make on the local folder will now automatically affect your online storage
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    insider build 10586.3 win10 pro 64

    My thought's on what I think you problem is ,your misunderstanding of OneDrive ,but I could be wrong ...
    ,,,the purpose of one drive is to store your data [data in this case is your pictures ,documents ,music,ect ect ]to Microsoft cloud.So you then can access it for any device you have that connects to the internet ,,,when you say you want to store it locally so you can access with out going on the internet ,is confusing me ,as the data is or should be still on your computer ,in File Explorer ,in OneDrive..thats how it works for me anyway .unless I'm missing something ,
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I may be confused as well, because I've used OneDrive from 7 up through 10 now. It has worked the same for me each step of the way, keeping my local files and cloud files completely synced across multiple computers. I always choose a different location for the OneDrive folder during the install/config, but it works the way the OP is looking for by default.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    Ken429 said:
    Yeah, I can find OneDrive in the Start>All Apps display. Although, my All Apps display does not look like yours! I don't have the Download....items on the right side. Some setting in W10 I can change? Also, what Snipping Tool doe you use to get the W10 Start display?

    Back to my original question which remains unanswered - How the heck do I make OneDrive store it's stuff on a local computer??
    The Start 10 app has three separate options for how the Start menu will appear. 1)W7, 2)Modern 3)W10 with tiles. I simply went for the Modern and with the early bird release I got the "Trekker" Start button whereas when just getting in a new 10 laptop and getting it again for that the Trekker no more it seems. They had some other button.

    As for location you will find the OneDrive folder easily by simply choosing the "Open file location" whenever you are unsure about anything. You can repin the main executable by simply creating a new desktop shortcut and right clicking on that to pin to the Start(as well as Start 10 here) and/or taskbar. That is found in "C:\users\user account\AppData\Local\microsoft\OneDrive".

    Now since I keep everything stored and backed up locally I actually never use it. It's simply much easier to create custom folders I can store sub folders full of things under and even see sub folders under the sub folders and still back everything up on the storage drives.
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    Thread Starter

    Thanks, everybody for the help. Like I said at the beginning I'm probably missing something stupid.

    Ok, I got it! For some reason I thought the OneDrive folder was in the Documents folder in W8. I obviously was wrong. I'm almost happy but it does seem like you have to go to a lot more trouble to move the OneDrive folder off the boot drive in W10 that W8.1. But then I got a 240GB boot SSD on all my systems so space is no longer an issue.

    I have 6 PC's on my home network and use one of them for a home server so I really don't need OneDrive to share across the PC's. But "it's there" so I use it for RoboForm and my movie catalog. I also use Macrium Reflect to back everything up everywhere including the OneDrive folders!!

    As far as Start 10 goes, I was a big fan of Start 8 and had it on every W8 machine I touched. When W10 came along and Stardock wanted another $3 or $4 per machine I decided to go with MSFT's approach. Probably a mistake but with all the updates and changes to W10 early on I thought I'd minimize the variables.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    Stardock's Start10 you might have been thinking of the previous Start8 seeing a $3 tag since Start10 is $4.99 at the present time. Here's how the options look.

    OneDrive offline storage?-start-menu-10-configuration-options.jpg

    And when just now switching over to the W10 option guess where OneDrive was found which you should seen there as well with the default 10 AllApps?!

    OneDrive offline storage?-onedrive-under-o-allapps.jpg

    As far as Location I had an accident some time back where I dragged a temp folder onto the OneDrive icon when trying to cross over that to a second explorer window and didn't know where it ended up! The actual sub folder location which isn't under the AppData where you see a lengthy list of az, bw, cx, etc. small subs having two letter named sub folders those simply being examples as well as a couple of subs for the msu and exe files and configuration while the properties still shows it being under "C:\users\user account\OneDrive".

    OneDrive offline storage?-onedrive-local-storage-location.jpg

    I verified that being the exact location by opening up a new explorer window to browse right to it and examine the contents.
    Another installation location is under "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft OneDrive" simply having an empty sub folder there placed by the Windows installer. That I mention as simply being a record for the Windows installer since it seems to lack any other purpose.
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