Deleted recovery and boot partitions; can no longer boot

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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    Good. So now your SSD should show the 1st 3 partitions: 450MB, 100MB and 16MB and empty space, correct ?. Again from Macrium, click Restore tab and select the image that you made backup of C drive and select your SSD as destination then click on C drive, drag and drop on the empty space right after the 3 partitions as shown, click Next->Finish to copy:
    NOTE: The top row should only contain your C-Drive from the backup, not the same as the screen shot
    Deleted recovery and boot partitions; can no longer boot-mr.png

    The final should look like as shown below:
    Deleted recovery and boot partitions; can no longer boot-.png

    Click on: Fix Windows Boot Problems then reboot.
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    I believe it only has the 450mb and the 99mb partitions. I'll try with those and see if it works.
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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    Jagwar said:
    I believe it only has the 450mb and the 99mb partitions. I'll try with those and see if it works.
    If you look in Disk Management, the 16MB partition is hidden but it should show in Macrium.
    You did not click on 1 and 2, did you ? 1 and 2 are only needed if you did not see the empty space.

    EDIT: I have to go out now but I hope it should work.
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    Steps posted by "topgundcp" have solved the problem :). Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    Great. Glad that we could help. FYI, since you now know how to use Macrium. Before messing around with partitions, create a backup image so if anything goes wrong, you can restore it in no time. In addition, if your SSD is broken or your Windows get attacked by virus, unbootable etc... you always have the backup to restore from.
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    I used to use macrium reflect for imaging/ restoring but hadn't done it in some time.
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 10


    Instead of linking back to prior topic for How To..

    This topic would be a better choice, as the title is more fitting..

    topgundcp said:
    Based on what you described above. If it were my PC then here's what I'd do to get the partitions layout correctly as if it is a fresh install which contains only the partitions that I mentioned above: 450MB Recovery, 100MB EFI System, 16MB MSR and C drive.
    Since you've already had the backup image of your current Windows disk then it is safe to reconfigure your Windows 10 partition scheme using strictly with Macrium.

    OPTION 1:
    Wipe out the whole disk and do a fresh install to get the first 3 partitions ie. 450MB Recovery, 100 EFI System, 16MB MSR then use Macrium boot disk to replace the fresh install C-Drive with the C-Drive from your Backup then D-Drive after the C-Drive.

    OPTION 2:
    To save time re-installing fresh Windows 10 from option 1, you can download the template of the first 3 partitions from here: - Google Drive
    From Macrium, select the template then restore to current Windows drive with the template. Again, within Macrium, select your backup image, copy your C-drive from the backup image then Data (D:) partition after C- Drive
    From Macrium, click on "Fix Windows boot problem" then reboot your PC
    Once done. You should have a partition scheme as follows:
    450MB Recovery
    100MB EFI System
    16MB MSR
    C: Drive

    IMPORTANT: The procedure must be done using Macrium Boot Disk since you cannot perform the steps while Windows is running.
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    topgundcp said:
    FYI, I built my own Recovery disk similar to KYHI's and it contains a set of tools such as Macrium Rescue, Mini Tool etc... The same as if you use Macrium Rescue disk and in your case, it won't do any good if you don't have those partitions that were deleted.

    Your SSD is a GPT disk. However, the result from list par looks very strange. The System partition is 200 GB and the primary partition is only 3086 KB. Normally the System Partition for a GPT disk is only 100MB and the primary partition is where your C drive is.

    Please note his disk is GPT Type and you are refering him to the links for Windows 7 using MBR type disk. They are completely different, you cannot use bootrec/fixMBR on a GPT disk, there's no MBR to fix.


    His disk is GPT while yours is MBR and Hiren's CD does not recognize GPT disk.
    Ah! Gpt is what, say Mac Bootcamp uses? I haven't come across it all that much in regular PCs. Last time I bootcamped a Mac it made me do gpt. Or, did it itself. Usually I install Windows 7/8/10 from install medium and it makes MBRs
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