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    insider build 10586.3 win10 pro 64
       04 Feb 2015 #11

    in average users defence ,we are not beta testers ,win10 is not beta, its a release preview ,and 2million people are using it ,and I think some of us who are not really testing it and reporting or findings just might find out that we will not end up with a key or an invite to install the next release after 9926 ,and 9926 will stop working for us that don't fit Microsofts defenition of a Tester ,now that just an opinion ,not factual about it
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       04 Feb 2015 #12

    jack said: View Post
    Sorry Technomage.
    You are correct then I am NOT qualified to be a beta tester.
    So you will never see me post here again. Bye
    I hope you are still around. Look at my postings, here and on the windows 7 sister forum. I start threads, reply to post in threads, I ask questions. I maybe a little annoying but I post how I see things. Don't let others scare you off. I don't. The only time you got to it or stop if a mod/admin tells you to. By the way, I am not a tech.
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       04 Feb 2015 #13

    You don`t get invited, you either test it or you don`t. And of course we will get the next upgrade.
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       05 Feb 2015 #14

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    AddRAM said: View Post
    Nope, I installed it MBR style.

    You can choose either , depending on your bios.
    My laptop has UEFI but my desktop PC doesn't. I've run Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on both. Also, I could if I wanted to, install in legacy mode on my laptop. Your not forced to use UEFI mode, even with a UEFI BIOS.
    Really!?! I had no idea!
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    Windows 10 Skip Ahead Preview Build 18219
       05 Feb 2015 #15

    TechnoMage said: View Post
    I've installed every OS from Widows 98 to Windows 10 on my old Home-Made PC with an MSI motherboard and an AMD, Athlon, 2X, 5200+ CPU.

    My latest install, was/is Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, 9926. It installed just great and runs great. No problems at all.
    It doesn't seem to give a hoot what's on the motherboard.

    In general, I've found that MS's latest OS's are very compatible with just about any PC. If they will run XP, they will usually run Vista, Win-7, 8 or 8.1, even Win-10.

    I also have Windows 10, 64 bit running nicely on a six year old HP Laptop, with just two GB of ram. No problems!
    It installed compatible drivers for everything, including the touch pad.

    The whole Idea of being a Microsoft OS tester, is trying it on different machines, not jumping on a forum and asking 'will this work, will that work, oh woe is me, it might not'.
    If a person is not qualified as a Beta Tester, then they should leave it to those who are. Eh?

    Cheers mates!
    That laptop wouldn't happen to be an HP dv9700CTO would it? I need a graphics driver for the NVidia card in it.
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    Windows 10 Skip Ahead Preview Build 18219
       05 Feb 2015 #16

    jack said: View Post
    Sorry Technomage.
    You are correct then I am NOT qualified to be a beta tester.
    So you will never see me post here again. Bye
    @TechnoMage: First let me first say that I very much respect your knowledge and skill at beta testing; however, I cannot agree with your last statement.

    The rest of this is pointed toward Jack.

    Jack, you are as qualified to beta test as anyone else in this forum. I've been testing Microsoft product since the mid to early 80s and believe me, I was NOT qualified at technology other than as an end user! That did not disqualify me as a beta tester, though. Microsoft sent me an invitation to MSN. The rest is history, which doesn't mean I'm any smarter than anyone else.

    Historically, Microsoft has used a large diverse group of folks from ITs down to the "newbie" user who just got his first PC. They didn't make a mistake when they opened the Technical Preview up to, basically, the whole world! There is a disclaimer that warns us (paraphrased) not to proceed if we're not willing to "break" things. There are other technical previews that only a select audience is invited to participate in. What Microsoft wants and needs to learn from us is: Will its product be useable by the novice as well as the most experienced user.

    With the Windows 10 Technical Preview, there's a new and interesting idea; it's called "feedback". If you find something you don't like about the preview, or even something you especially like, click on the feedback icon and tell Microsoft about it. You won't get anything back, but your feedback will be noted. Next, if you cannot resolve the issue, come here and ask; someone may be able to help you and on the other paw, maybe nothing can be done about the issue at this time. There are always new builds that may fix it.

    You have asked a valid question and there are always folks who will do their best to help you. Although not everyone will see it, I see an individual who is ready to start taking risks, but who is still cautious. I don't say experience is not useful; nor am I saying that lack of experience disqualifies one. It's your decision to test or not to test and no one has the right (except maybe Microsoft) to say you're not qualified.

    A product is a success if you or I can learn to use it with a minimum of pain. You will have much more pain learning Windows 10 than I will; however, as you progress, your pain will diminish. Also, there will be some legacy hardware that Windows 10 hasn't provided drivers for; however, as the preview progresses, some of that legacy hardware will work and some will never work. I would like to have a driver for the graphics card in this laptop, but so far, none can be found. That's life.

    Bottom line is that with testing product, you learn. That's why I test.

    Oh, and by the way, welcome to the forums and please stick around. Sometimes we need a turtle shell to deflect the flack. That too is life.
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