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    Sleep has just failed, the displays never turned on.

    I booted to safe mode with command prompt chkdsk still says that stuff is in use so the checking must take place during startup. Then it indeed does it while the windows logo and spinner is visible, just like before. There is no log for chkdsk in the event viewer.

    I ran the sfc command which produced a 2.5 Mb log and it says it fixed several issues.

    I made a recovery USB but can't boot from it for some reason, I'm investigating that now. My hope is that booting to that will allow me to run chkdsk on c: properly.

    Btw my system drive is an few years old SSD so if it has some bad blocks they should not cause problems with the system.
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    So I suddenly lost 15 Gb on C: leaving 0 bytes free. Windows showed me some app statistics which made no sense: Ethernet driver 11 Gb in size, Libre office 12 Gb... Empty files started to pop up on in folders so I quickly backed up my stuff and now reinstalling Windows. I should have done that in the first place and not allow an upgrade from 7... I'm hoping that a fresh install will also fix other long standing annoyances as well.
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    Hi, good idea to clean install.

    I would then check the SMART parameters for your HDD and check your SSD.
    SMART - e.g. Piriform's Speccy or Passmark has a simpler free tool

    There's no point running on dodgy hardware. Of course could be some other h/w problem...
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    With the new windows I had the wake freeze once so far. Chkdsk behaves as before, the only way it was able to process C: was booting from a recovery/install USB stick and forcing a volume dismount. It showed no issues just like Passmark's and windows' SMART checks. SFC did find corruptions and this time around it could not fix them right away. However after taking these steps it says everything is fine... Well, we'll see.
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    Strange you've had to repair Windows immediately after installing it - that's effectively an in-place upgrade repair install.
    tends to suggest maybe you received a windows update and the procedure reversed it?

    Note your SFC failure may have been insignificant.. you have an Nvidia card and some people get a report about an Nvidia Opencl.dll when they run SFC /scannow.. it's a bug.
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    Oh one important difference between my previous and current win 10 installation: last time I put it on the deferred upgrade path but now I'm on the default (daily?) one. It is possible that an update was undone. Is there a way to tell what version I'm currently at?

    I do have an nvidia card. I've never been able to properly update their driver under win 10, it always fails unless I scrub everything nvidia from the system first with DDU.

    So my current theory is that the wake freeze was caused by some win update but its fix in the next update(s) didn't arrive (because I was on the deferred update path) before my efforts to fix windows pushed it so far and c: got full. Well, the loss of 15Gb during my fixing attempts does remain a mystery tho. Now I have everything set up, all software reinstalled and still have 50Gb room on c: which I haven't seen since installing Win 7 RTM.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, sounds reasonable... which begs the question as to what is the underlying cause.
    A reasonable wild guess might be to sort out your graphics driver issue.
    I suppose you should be able to install that in Safe Mode (need to enable installation in Safe Mode - search to find out how)

    Clearly you can check your control panel Programs and Features to see which updates you've received and when.

    To see your build no.:
    Windows version: Windows key + R, and in the run dialogue, type Winver
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    Sigh, I had the freeze twice in a row again. I sat down tried several sleep-wake loops with more and more apps running but couldn't repro the freeze. Although god knows what kind of background processes start and stop over the course of the day. So now I'm back trying to find any kind of pattern.
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    Hi, is there anything in the event log? A driver crash? Try Whocrashed by Resplendence.

    Windows 10 freezes randomly - Page 11 - Windows 10 Forums
    is a very long thread about freezes- see if anything there helps.

    There are more threads on freezes as you probably know.
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    I checked the windows logs but there is nothing from the time of the freeze: There are stuff from before the pc went to sleep then the next things are warnings that windows had an unclean start (ie I pushed the reset button when it froze up). I couldn't find anything with the timestamp of the freeze. Maybe logging is buffered and it never got around to actually write anything before freezing? I'll take another look. Anyway I've installed Whocrashed, we'll see if it can get a minidump after the next freeze.

    Thanks for the thread link, I guess this evening I'll just chill and tenforums... :)
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