Iv got same issue with windows 10 pro, but its not the folders its the png icons that i make

Some Folder Icons have a Black Background-6d479c12-85dc-46c1-a0d0-20dafee2bbfe.png

iv got images on medium view
issue happens if i go to large or extra large view then if i go back to medium il get black backgrounds again

Only fix is to copy (not cut) images then delete folder and make new folder and paste images back in, then everything works fine

Also the photo app has bug, when i open any image when i first start my Pc with Photo's app they look correct but when i close image/app and reopen they end up lower resolution, when i open with any other app/program they always look perfect so something is wrong with windows 10 photo app too

Fix for low res images in photo app, use reg fix from here Unable to replace Photos app with Photo Viewer as default (10240).

the old windows photo viewer might not have edit features etc but it keeps my icons proper quality all the time and its faster at switching images

Gotta say, im new here but love this site, i made topic on microsoft windows 10 forum and all the help you get is copy and paste help saying download troubleshooter tool...which does feck all then they ignored me lol