BID = Bulk Image Downloader

Hi guys,

For starters, I'm pretty sure this is not an app related problem but Windows', I don't have any evidence to back those claims besides experience. It is not a server side issue either, using IE/Firefox/Chrome/Edge displays the webm normally.
This is what happens:

Whenever I try to download a page with BID, it works fine unless it has webm files in it. It'll just skip them. When I paste the webm's direct link into BID it gives me this:

(default IE Save Prompt in PT-BR -- abrir = open, salvar = save)

For the page's title, BID gives me "Navigation Cancelled"
, like IE wasn't able to fulfill it.

I can open, save and view it normally, if I click on the buttons. Not exactly what I want if I'm running an automated download manager.

It was working in the beginning of the month and I don't remember doing anything that would mess this up. I've uninstalled it, cleaned the registry, restored the system, defaulted IE's options... I'm currently looking into the "Navigation Cancelled" thing but no fix has worked, so far.
Honestly have no idea what could be happening other than it's something related to IE.

Any help? Thanks in advance.