System icons won't display

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    System icons won't display

    OK, so the latest of my problems with Win10, I just got done repairing a Winsock file missing issue, after the reboot the "volume" icon doesn't appear at bottom right any more. Volume works fine, and I can adjust it elsewhere, but it will not display. System settings won't let me switch it on. Battery icon and external drive icons are gone too. If anyone can help me it'd be appreciated, thanks! I don't want to just keep rebooting on the off chance that all the problems will solve themselves.

    I have no idea why Win10 programmers thought this OS is good. It's a complete crock. Random problems are pretty literally non-stop. I assumed it was supposed to be an improvement from Win7. Is anyone else just having maddening random little problems all the time?

    For an example of the amateurism that went into Win10:
    System icons won't display-win10.png
    It seems the same level of effort went into the code.
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    There is no Operating System used through out the multiple decades, that has not had issues. The more complex the OS is, the more chances that there will be problems that will occur on end user's machines. That warning is the same reminder that has been out there to help keep the user from being their own worst enemy.

    The problems that you think that there are with Windows 10 at this time, are down from the thousands, to below 100. A lot of them are being caused by old archaic hardware. The other is end users upgrading from one OS to 10, with third party Internet Security Software that is incompatible with Windows 10.

    It is to the point that all of these so called problems you are talking about, are not as bad as you think. I have had zero issues on a 10 year old Dell Inspiron 537s that is running the latest version of Windows 10.
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    My main issue is that the problems I've had with Win10 didn't occur in Win7, and they're mostly simple "a particular icon won't display" or "I keep selecting an setting and it keeps reverting" issues, which I doubt are hardware related. My laptop's about 6 years old, went from Vista to 7 to 10

    But I suppose you could be right
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    You are talking Apples and Oranges.

    10 is a complete rewrite of 8, from the lessons they learned from XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1.

    XP had a ton of headaches, that it cost alot of us to go out and buy new printers, because our existing ones that used to work with 98/98se, would not work.

    When 7 came out. Once again we were stuck with having to buy new gear to keep things running.

    Now with 10, once again we are right back to the same headaches we had with XP & 7 for the first six months.

    Just face the truth that problems will happen. Not everyone is going to get the same issue as another user has.

    The biggest thing that we are trying to get people to do, is update their system spec's.

    My father had to go out and purchase a new video card for his desktop, because the onboard was incompatible with 10.

    The warning messages used to be great in 98. Now we are stuck with these boring ones.

    Someone needs to come up with a HAL 2000 or Whopper type of sounds and proper error messages for 10.
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