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there's loads of advantages in THIN CLIENTS in all sorts of cases -- Ms has embedded W7 which still works great so wouldn't a W10 upgrade version also be good too. Use a small thin client to connect to a VPN / VDI / other network with a really tiny and fast boot up.

Most thin clients these days have USB support and proper multi monitor video too. - IMO this would make maintenance in a large organisation hugely cheaper and easier too. W10 in BIOS a great idea especially with decent servers etc the end users don't get slow or bad performance and can still use local USB stuff.

Even in a home environment I could foresee a few thin clients connected to a NAS server dishing up some VM's being able to replace a load of laptops / desktops at an incredibly cheap price -- however to go down this route you still have to use W7 embedded. (Most thin clients come with Ethernet as well of course).