Hello everyone,

So this is my first post on TenForums. Basically, I built a PC a few months ago and installed the Windows 10 student edition on it. After a short time, some strange happenings have occurred.

The most important issue is the random start up. From a complete shut down, my PC will turn itself on at night if I don't use it for 1-2 days. I thought that this may have something to do with Windows updates, but I tried fixing it a while back and the problem persists. I'd like to stop this from happening.

Another problem that occurs ~70% of the time that I use my PC is the blank desktop. I start my PC normally, type in my password, and all of my desktop icons are missing. When I go to Desktop in the File Explorer, it takes a long time to load (but files are present). This problem is easily fixed; when I restart the PC, the icons are back. This restart runs much more slowly than normal, however. The entire restart process takes less than 30 seconds normally, but takes much longer than that after the desktop icons have disappeared.

Have similar problems happened to any of you? I would greatly appreciate any help :)