With the new airplane tray icon, I find that after I resume from a hibernate the icon is not working all the time.

With some testing, I found that if I resumed from hibernate right away then the problem didn't always appear. But after being hibernated a few minutes or more, the problem has appeared every time.

If I turn off airplane mode using the notifications tray icon, the airplane tray icon remains in the tray. I can go to wifi and connect manually, but the airplane tray icon is still there. Hovering over it with the mouse pointer and it says wifi is not connected, even though it is.

In addition, once the airplane icon stops working so does the speaker icon. I can't get left or right mouse clicks to do anything. This behavior of the speaker icon started after the (November) update, which I just installed last week.

Only a restart or shutdown/start clears both these issues.

Anyone else see this?