My computer will randomly go to the lock screen

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    Windows 10

    A restart seems to have solved this issue once again
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    Win 10 x64

    OMG this has started happening on my surface pro 1, while typiong this Ive had to unlock 6 times.....
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    Win 10 x64

    Ive only just reintalled windows 10 on this thing literally last weekend!! its the most buggy useless thing Ive ever bought. nothing but non-stop issues with it.
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    Win 10 x64

    I think I've figured out what the issue is.... it must be somehow related to the keyboard drivers. when Ive unplugged my logitech K400r keyboard it seems to have resolved the issue, and as soon as I plugged it back it... it seems to start up again. maybe its a dodgy logitech driver
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    Win 10 x64

    I just reinstalled setpoint and re-plugged in the usb keyboard dongle, and it hasn't locked 15 times while trying to type this. so fingers crossed its resolved and it was just a dodgy logitech setpoint installation.
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    Windows 10

    This issue has been happening on and off on both of my labtops. Usually after and update has taken place. Started mod last year and guess what on my main labtop after an update on Dec 30 2017 it is happening again. This is not just an annoying issue I literally can not get work done. It seems the more I use the labtop the more frequent it goes to the login in screen in mid work sometimes every few seconds.

    I have done so many things to fix this issue when it occurs I never know what truly fixed it. Seeing how this is on windows forum a few times for the past few years why hasnt a solid resolution been done.

    If anyone has any updates on how to fix it, I would appreciate currently my normal go tows of deep malaware scannings, resetting(keeping personal files), restoring power settings (which I believe never works for this issue, uninstalling latest updates for a while no luck
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    Windows 10 Pro (1809)

    This was bothering me for a few years now, going all the way back to Windows 8.1 I think... It did not happen very often, but my system would sometimes go to the lock screen even while it was in use, and when it started, it would continue to happen on a fixed interval (30 minutes on the nose) until I rebooted the system. It wasn't super frequent but I would probably run into this once or twice a month.

    A few months back I ended up wiping my system with a fresh Windows install (for a different reason) and it did not take long for this issue to pop back up. What's going on!?

    I scoured the Internet (even running across this thread more than once). This morning it happened to me again (locking the system while I was typing a sentence!). I found the solution in this Microsoft article, which claims that a "leak" in LockScreenContentServer.exe can lead to the system spontaneously locking or going to sleep. I checked and, indeed, "LockScreenContentServer.exe" was running on my system even though it is supposed to halt when the machine is unlocked, which the article points to as a tell-tale sign of this issue.

    After my machine was auto-locking every 30 minutes all morning, I killed the "LockScreenContentServer.exe" process and was careful not to change anything else. My 30-minute auto lock cycle was broken.

    Microsoft claims that this bug was identified and fixed in Windows 10 1607 "Anniversary Update". Clearly it is still around.

    You can fix this by killing the "LockScreenContentServer.exe" task. You can also use a static lock screen image instead of a slideshow or "Windows spotlight" and the issue should not occur. In my case, I have a lock screen slideshow that I love (1000+ family pictures), I'm going to create a scheduled task that fires on system unlock that kills any running instances of "LockScreenContentServer.exe" just to be sure.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Seems to me that Power Settings (and in some cases Personalized Settings) would also affect how things run on a normal basis. Personally I have 'em all set to Never or Off, be it Hard Drive or any other setting related to how the PC shuts itself down or off or cycles itself to another mode.
    When I had this issue it was a malware that back-doored me thru an application that I was using via the Firewall. Removing that application (in this case it was PunkBuster) stopped that random going to the Lock Screen regardless of what I was doing. Just sayin'.
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    Solved my computer will randomly go to the lock screen

    I solved my computer will randomly go to the lock screen on my PC.

    I am on a Laptop and My issue was a discharged battery. I knew my battery was bad if I unplugged my PC it would shut down in 1-2 min. What I did not know is when the battery discharged while the Laptop was plugged in it would push it to the lock screen, even though it was plugged in.

    PC was locking every other day (if not every day) randomly in different programs etc., I pulled the battery and have not had the issue since. After a few weeks I put the battery back in and the problem came back!!

    Ordered a new battery and have not had the locking problem with the new battery installed.

    If you are on a laptop this may be your problem? Or something with the power options etc.

    Just thought I would share just in case it helped...If not best of luck!!
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