Windows 10: Computer Doesnt Reboot Back After Restart?

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    Computer Doesnt Reboot Back After Restart?

    I just currently started having this issue. My computer runs completely fine. However I applied recent windows 10 upgrades and I for some reason had to restart I cant remember why. However after the initial restart the computer simply stayed on and didn't initiate boot. I then turned off the computer and turned it back on. It boots fine, no problems. However if I set the computer to restart from the start menu it will but it wont boot back. It will just stay on and make a louder fan noise but wont reboot? This to me is a very annoying issue Id like to fix. Could anyone shed some light on how I can fix this, has this happed to someone???
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    It happened to me on my system, and still happens on occasion.

    The reason I have the issue is because I have a hard disk that isn't fully powering down allowing my system to reboot. If I let Windows 10 load fully, I do not have this trouble. Or if I disconnect the drive, the system restarts with no issues.


    Restart failures more than likely are caused by driver issues, of hardware issues resulting in the devices not allowing the system to reboot.

    If you have more than one hard drive, disconnect the secondary, but not the hard disk with Windows on it.

    Disconnect all USB devices except keyboard and mouse.

    Reboot the system and try a restart and see what happens.
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    Hello Gpx45 Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    Besides following the suggestions made by Imaneke there you can also try a few other things I could add here. Often an update may not have finished installing and will end causing this type of problem. I was just lately looking at a pair of 8.1 laptops running into a very similar problem where updates were going on and then suddenly all rolled back with start up issues to complicated things more!

    One of the options first seen for dealing with problems seeing Windows load is running the Startup Repair tool or other options available when booting to the Advanced Startup Options you would want to try out. That can be reached either by the F8 key at post when you tap the button enough times or when booting live from the 10 media or Recovery Drive option using an 8gb or 16gb usb flash drive for strictly the repair options separate from the need to pull out the 10 media.

    One method for any hung updates is booting up in Safe mode to look over the installed updates list and history to see the latest few removed long enough to see if the system will then boot normally again. Often a single update may hang and not have anything to do with a device or software drivers due to how 10 now verifies hardwares and driver updates during the initial upgrade or clean install unlike what you would typically see with previous versions and the need to locate each driver set to match with each device!

    Another problem that can come after a period of time involves your mention of upgrade? If you saw 10 upgrade over a previous version or the Threshold 2 Update released in November upgrade over the 10240 build released last July that may revealing itself as having a bug! Here the 10586 Insider Preview first seen out a week or two prior to the TH2 was an upgrade over the previous 10576 build that went over the previous 10565 build before that having been a clean install to replace the 10240! Then the 10586 was to be upgraded by the TH2 without a glitch. The updates from the 10240 to TH2 however can come out with either immediate or delayed bugs!
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    I updated all my drivers and took off all the peripherals on usbs. However It still continues to happen.
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    Try this,

    Login to your desktop
    Click start and bring up your shutdown options.

    Before hitting restart, hold down the shift key.
    While holding shift, click restart

    It should then say Please Wait

    Advanced options will appear

    Click troubleshoot
    Click advanced options
    Click startup settings
    Click restart

    After restart, click on 4 for safe mode

    Get into safe mode and then try to do a full restart from safe mode.

    If it restarts successfully, login into Windows
    From cortana, or the search box, type cmd
    Right click and hit, run as administrator
    Type, sfc /scannow this will check Windows system files.

    If there are no integrity issues, then we may need to revert you back to Windows 8.1. The system will be restored back to the way it was before the upgrade.

    Click start
    Click settings
    Click update and recovery
    Click recovery tab
    Click return to Windows 8.1
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    Another thing I could suggest besides running the SFC while in Safe mode actually would be getting into the Advanced section of the bios setup program and look to see which drive is at the top of the list! You will want to move the OS drive to the top of the list if not already found there and look to see if hard drive and not cd rom or USB HHD is set as the first in the boot order. With the swapping around of cables you saw it's too easy to end up with an oops! moment ending up with a secondary drive being the first in the order.
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    Gpx45, clarify something for me. When you say the the computer won't reboot, do you get any video? Or does it fail to post like the board almost seems like its DOA or failing? You say if you do a hard restart, it will boot fine.
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    I have the same thing... I would add it's not every time. Perhaps every second restart.
    As I don't have to re start very often (my fresh install is otherwise pretty good) I am just going to live with it.
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