All of a sudden my PC (Laptop) has started to shut itself off after a while. No error messages, no BSOD, no nothing just shuts itself off and then when I re-start it, it boots up normally without displaying any messages.
Whe it started couple of months ago, it was on and off, then every other day, then everyday and now every couple of hours. I have ran the usual checks on memory, HDD (SSD) and they all come up fine. The temperature is also showing OK. My laptop sits on a cooler with 5 fans anyway.

Now this could be just a coincidence, but I would like people's opinion. It started within days of upgrading my laptop to Windows 10. If it is a driver conflict or similar why are there no error messasges? It can happen anytime. I could be doing something or the laptop could be just idle.

I would appreciate views, opinions etc.
Thank you..