Hello I am facing three different issues(not sure if related):

1) I recently started seeing these random freezes where screen becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks. But I am able to navigate via keyboard. No problem with the mouse itself. Happens with trackpad as well.

2) With my Nvidia shield controller plugged in, there is no audio from speakers when I open games and movies in vlc player. Also audio is not recorded( and not played as well) in camtasia studio, MSI afterburner. This issue started when I was messing with camtasia studio and spread to other apps.
This issue vanishes when I unplug the controller. Is the audio outputing to controller? If that's the case, the recorded video(while the controller plugged in) in camtasia should give sound when the controller is removed. But it doesn't. Does it mean, controller is trying to act like a microphone as well and not recording anything?

3) There are also minor cursor lags when opening or closing some applications.

Disabled startup apps:

Disabled services:

Adobe acrobat update service
Dell data vault
Dell data vault wizard
Alienware digital delivery service
NVIDIA experience geforce service
Alienware graphics amplifier windows service
Macrium reflect image mounting service
Steam client service
Dell support assist agent
Adobe switchboard

Disabled hardware: (after started getting the issue)
nvidia virtual audio device (wave extensible) (wdm)

Disabled driver: (after started getting the issue)

NVIDIA HD Audio driver

Any help on how to solve these would be appreciated.

Laptop model: Alienware 17 R3 970m 8gb ram