Hi there, not sure if this is the right place to post so apologies in advance if it's not.

I have a bit of an issue with running apps and games on Windows 10.
The example that is most prominent is a game called Starbound, when I run it the game defaults to windowed mode and if I click anywhere it very briefly stop responding (give me the not responding message) and I do mean briefly, split second...and the screen flickers. As you can imagine it makes the game unplayable with the constant hang ups and flickering.

(Another sub problem is occasionally after clicking anywhere within an app, including Chrome, it will sometimes compress to show just the title bar, not a big deal as hitting the expand button restores it to full size. Interesting thing though)

The problem is not restricted to that game though and happens with a few other games and some programs, after doing extensive googling and finding a handful of other poor souls with the same issue but no fix I have come here in the hopes someone knows wth is going on.

Things I have tried: (no change overall)
Reinstalling windows without updates.
Reinstalling windows with updates.
virus scans.
updated graphics drivers both beta and release.
full hard drive wipe and reinstall of windows.
turning various services on and off at the suggestion of other people.

Anyways, some help or idea's would be great at this point.
Thank you