Hi there.

I first apologise as this doesn't apply to my current computer specs but to my friend's laptop. His laptop however is also a Toshiba Satellite and also has Windows 10 Home 64bit.

What seems to happen is when he closes the lid on his laptop his laptop sleeps as most other laptops do. But when he lifts the lid, not always but occasionally the computer wakes but with a blank screen. The power button and power, battery indicators remain on. It is almost like it has crashed/frozen at this point and a hard shutdown is required to turn the laptop back on. He claims that it could also have something to do with the large bulky 3d games he plays like Minecraft but it could be anything.

I have had a look at all the power settings both with the modern settings and old (control panel) and nothing seems to be at fault there. This also wasn't a previous problem as he had no problems with his laptop sleeping when he had windows 8.1.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I can provide more details if needed.