I'm working on a new PC for a relative & got a message saying App Explorer was being updated. What I'm upset about is the fine print saying it was also changing my web browser search page-or something like that. (I should know better but I failed to write down the exact message.) This is a Toshiba & I know they have several of their own apps-is this one of them or is it Microsoft?

I'm paranoid. It's a shame but experience has taught me that you should always be paranoid when working with Windows. The problem is that most of the people whose computers I work on aren't paranoid-that's why it upsets me so much when I see a supposedly legitimate company trying underhanded tricks to stick it to their customers. I get even more upset when the companies don't identify themselves-and this popup had nothing except the message.

I rather suspect this was Microsoft but don't want to accuse them unjustly. So does anybody know where the App Explorer Update came from? Thanks.