After clean reinstall with new SSD, Laptop freezes on sleep/shutdown?

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    Oh, yay. It is NOT the SSD.

    After being confident that Windows 8 on a HDD was working fine, I wiped the partition on the HDD and installed a clean copy of Windows 10, then installed the drivers. The internet here is slow, so I disabled sleep and let it download updates all night.

    This morning I woke up and it was up-to-date, with only drivers and Firefox installed. I reenabled sleep and started getting ready. And guess what happened when I checked on it half an hour later?

    That's right. The screen was off, the power, charging, and numlock lights were on, and it did not respond to tapping on the keyboard or clicking the power button. It has crashed again. It's not the SSD's fault, and it's not the wifi module's fault. It is either Windows 10 or one of the installed drivers. This is the log with a clean install of Windows 10 on a hard drive and just drivers installed.

    I'm grateful that I don't have to try to get my money back on this SSD, but I really wish I could narrow down this to the specific driver or cause. But I at least got a Wifi AC card with working bluetooth out of trying to fix this :shrug:

    here's another:
    After using the computer for a while I click the power button to sleep it and it crashes. restart and click the button again, it enters and resumes from sleep fine every time. It has to be something that borks after a while of usage
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    Not sure if you've tried already, but can you disable devices one at a time in device manager and test?
    That's how I found a problem I had with crashes whenever I went into sleep mode.
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    Grasping here ...

    Try lowering your monitor resolution

    Try disabling one of the graphics adapters

    KB2850674 mentions $Secure permissions - but the KB was for Win8.x
    Still regression is possible ....

    Launch Command Prompt (Admin)
    chkdsk c: /scan
    chkdsk c: /spotverify
    yes to scan at restart

    This behavior reminds me of when WU is loading a cumulative update - sometimes it goes blank and a cold start is all you can do.
    Run WU manually - pending updates?
    Apply all and continue manually checking for updates, apply all that are offered.

    If you use a MS account, try using a Local account

    Timebroker - disable service

    powercfg /sleepstudy might tell you something, but what I read was more about battery usage.

    Try running on battery alone
    Try running on AC alone

    Last guess for a while

    Boot to Safe mode, then restart in normal mode.
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    I'm just going to leave it for now. When it bothers me enough again I'll try all that stuff.

    It's just annoying because it's effectively random as to when it does it. It's not related to the SSD or the Wifi card, and will do it on a fresh system with only firefox and software updates installed, and I really doubt it's firefox. It will sleep and wake multiple times no problem, then it suddenly decides to crash and become unwakeable. It sometimes does it when plugged in, it sometimes does it when not plugged in. It sometimes does it when I press the sleep button, and it sometimes does it when it sleeps due to being idle. It sometimes does it on a SSD, it sometimes does it on a HDD. It sometiems does it on the old Wifi module, it sometimes does it on the new wifi module. There's absolutely no rhyme or reason to it, and if nothing shows up in all of the BSOD reports I've posted then I don't know how to troubleshoot it.

    The only components (except the 840m, I'll try that) that I can think of that can cause it are components that I cannot disable without destabilizing the system (or making the test moot - like the AHCI driver)

    I'm just going to add to this as this is not enough to bump the thread up again, but it seems to be something that borks over a certain period of time no matter if I use it or not, but is fine if I put the computer to sleep or shut it down within the period of time. Here's another set. I left the computer up all night, and it crashed when I put it to sleep. Then later on I ran it for five or ten minutes, and it shut down with no issues. One day when I have time I will set a timer and put it to sleep after longer and longer increments of being awake, and see how long it takes before it crashes. Then I'll see if the amount of time is consistent.
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