After clean reinstall with new SSD, Laptop freezes on sleep/shutdown?

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    Adding to Bill's post: Hibernation and Fast Startup are not recommended for SSD anyway. Accomplishes virtually nothing, takes up 6-12GB of space, and adds lots of unnecessary wear level to the SSD.

    At Admin command prompt: powercfg -h off

    Will turn off hibernation, disable Fast Startup, and give back the disk space.
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    This is the latest result from using the BSOD tool. Event viewer is showing some weird errors, such as
    "Name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded."
    I have never visited that website, and am now running the MS malicious software removal tool. I've increased the size of the readyboot log to 128mb using this instruction

    I've changed the power plan to high performance, which to my knowledge has never been touched. I have disabled fast startup and hibernation. I'll have to see if it helps.
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    Disabling hibernation didn't help. Still crashes. The MSRT didn't find anything

    I really have no idea what is causing it, so I'm hoping that someone who can read the BSOD report might be able to find which of the errors are important.

    and... Hm. The performance profile by default disables sleep. So why did my computer lock up? I've now disabled USB selective suspend to see if that helps.
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    how about starting a new thread in the BSOD forum?

    re: DNS, Run the Network troubleshooter in Control Panel
    - OR -
    Manually reset (ipconfig /flushdns at a minimum)

    Command Prompt (Admin)
    netsh winsock reset
    netsh int ip reset
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    ipconfig /flushdns
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    You have done almost all. Now try the Power Cycling as posted by Golden in this thread: Crucial M4 drive freezing after 000F firmware update - Windows 7 Help Forums

    If it also does not change anything, then, taking into account what you have said earlier ....
    FuturDreamz said:
    Swapping back does resolve the problem, but it has done it as soon as I got the SSD.
    .... it may he a problem with the disk itself. Contact with the vendor and ask for a replacement.

    The event log is nothing serious. That jokes site might have come as a popup, or someone else searched for it on your computer.
    No other event log is indicating anything regarding the issue, as none of the other files included in the DM Log output zip. It is not a case of BSOD apparently.
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    I'm unsure about the jokes site. I keep this computer locked and everyone has their own, and I have popups blocked and am using uBlock Pro. But I suppose it's possible.

    I'll try power-cycling the system later, but I have a built-in battery so I have to see if there's a socket.

    Here's all Windows events, if that helps. It probably doesn't. full The system lockups are always followed by a critical alert that the system did not shut down properly. I can't seem to find anything, but it seems almost like from the system's perspective I had just unplugged it.
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    The DM Log Collector output already contains your full event logs, and it is checked.

    What you are stating here is right, the system is not having a proper shut down.
      Log Name: System
      Source: EventLog
      Date: 2016-05-26T20:37:47.521
      Event ID: 6008
      Task: N/A
      Level: Error
      Opcode: N/A
      Keyword: Classic
      User: N/A
      User Name: N/A
      Computer: Alpha-V3
    The previous system shutdown at 7:40:52 PM on ?2016-?05-?26 was unexpected.
    It may have different causes. But what we are seeing here in the issue that the system is not going with the power state change as it should be when this very disk it connected.
    I think you havent tested the situation with any other SSD? As far as I read, you swapped it with a HDD and then it works fine.

    As our knowledgeable and experienced posters say, some SSDs dont accept the extreme power state events like Fast Boot, Sleep on it or hibernation. As you said, you nullified all those possibilities till now.

    Sometimes some third party ACPI controllers may cause this issue; asus is a big victim of this case. ATK, Overdrive, AI Suite etc can be remover from this system as a test; I am not very aware about the FilpLock tool. Uninstallation of the programs may not be enough to remove the programs from the root; a clean install over the factory installation may be tried as the last resort, providedthe power cycling also does not help.

    But, after that step, if the issue still persists, IMHO you should contact the vendor seeking a replacement.
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    I had swapped out the drive for a hdd in the past, but that was only for a day as I assumed that would be sufficient to test it. When I pop in the new Wifi card on Tuesday I'll pop in my spare hard drive at the same time, then do a clean reinstall without installing the ATK package. The ATK package is needed for FlipLock (which disables the keyboard and can automatically enable tablet mode when the screen is folded back) - which I would like to keep on this system. If it turns out it's the SSD I'll try to replace it, but I had bought it on Amazon in January so I don't know if I'm eligible for a return. In the mean time I'll try uninstalling Fliplock and ATK package.

    I really hope it's not because I accidentally zapped something with static.

    What is really annoying is that it seems to work fine for about a day or two, then it starts crashing at sleep. I don't believe I made any major changes in that time.
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    Ugh it's annoying how intermittent it is.

    Yesterday when I woke up it was sleeping normally and woke up fine.

    later I unplugged it and closed the lid, and it slept and woke normally.
    Then I closed the lid again, and it immediately crashed and had to be forced to shut down
    then when I closed the lid again it went to sleep.

    This morning I woke up to it crashed and had to force it to shut down again
    and when let it sit for a while it went to sleep.

    But in two days I'll pop in the new wifi card, swap out the ssd, and try again with a clean reinstall with no drivers and just firefox installed. Maybe I'll try installing Windows 8. I should have the installation isos kicking around on a hard drive somewhere.

    Actually, I could try booting from USB so I can install to the drive right now. I don't have a windows 8 iso anymore though so I have to use the media creation tool to download it.
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    Update: My new Wifi card came in a day early. I now have Windows 8 installed on a HDD, and will only install Firefox and let Windows handle all drivers and updates. Let's see if this works.

    Ugh, I forgot how much Windows 8's windowing environment sucks.

    And finding drivers. Windows 10 is much better at finding drivers, and even retains the drivers when doing a in-place clean reinstall. Which might be another source for the crashes, idk.

    All clear after 24 hours, need another 48 to confirm. Then I'll install Windows 10 on this drive, then try a clean install on the SSD. If that breaks it I'll try selling the SSD and finding a compatible replacement.
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