Windows Explorer Issues

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    Windows Explorer Issues

    Hi folks. A few issues appeared out of nowhere, and I have no idea what to do. Considering an in-place repair install right now, but I would like to see if anybody could help me out before that happens. I would also like to know, does the repair install keep everything? Including all Windows settings, registry tweaks, and personalization?

    First problem: My context menu became wonky. The keyboard shortcut for the Properties entry was changed to O instead of the usual R.

    Second issue: Nothing pins to the taskbar. I've tried pinning running programs (I click on "Pin to taskbar", it closes, and it's not pinned). I've tried pinning shortcuts, it acts like has pinned and closes the context menu, but it's not pinned.
    I've tried using Brink's tutorial to reset the taskbar shortcuts. Nada.

    Third problem: Windows Explorer Issues-2016_01_10_06_54_161.png
    My calculator app disappeared, and this appeared.

    All help is appreciated, and thank you in advance.
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    Welcome to the Windows 10 Upgrade Folly Club! By your description you didn't see a nice fresh full clean install but kept on running the 10 upgrade install over a previous version and are now reaping the reward of the "Buggy Upgrade Syndrome"! And it's usually a real pain where it counts in most cases!

    The working solution isn't what the less savay pc user wants to hear namely the need to wipe it out and start all over fresh with a clean install of W10! As for problems with Windows now "File Explorer" formerly WE that has been a reoccuring problem in Windows going back to the Legacy days of explorer windows freezing up while the Taskbar item of concern is a clear indication of something not going on fully during an upgrade install whether previous of if the upgrade to the Threshold 2 updated build went foobar on you like it did for someone else I was just helping then that call for a clean install comes up.

    At first sight when finally realizing I needed to unplug the two storage drives last summer in order to get 10 to even go on the upgrade install was an immediate Blitz! The 10240 upgrades for who knows how many would simply be disasterous or be clever and reveal the bugs after running the 10 upgrade for a period of time like it seems you have been doing there and only now getting slammed by the bugs showing up! The extent of seeing the calculator a non essential accessory disappearing should be unfortunate to say but all too clear on the need to see 10 replaced while you can still try the upgrade to repair option.

    With the 10 installer you have to watch for the correct screen in order to select the "keep it all" option while this time everything will simply be packed up into the Windows.old folder and the need to start over even with the repair to see some apps go back on fresh and readjusting settings again. Backing files up outside the users, Program Files, and Program Files(x86) in other folders you create will see those files found in the new folders since those won't be effected with either the repair install or a fresh copy of 10 being put on.

    So the recommendation to heed to first is quite simple! Back your stuff up outside of the three main directories that get stuffed into the Windows.old before proceeding. Then you can nuke the Window.old and not worry about that any. The second will be the choice of which option as far as repair or fresh 10 install to get Windows back to normal again. You see since you already saw an upgrade to 10 the repair won't be keeping much intact to begin with but simply packed up in the Windows.old still seeing the need to reinstall things all over again. The best option would then be the clean install.
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    Forgot to add, this was not an upgrade, but a clean install ^.^
    Highly appreciate your enthusiasm, however
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    Step 2 gives me Windows Explorer Issues-2016_01_10_19_10_591.png

    Step 3 gives me Windows Explorer Issues-2016_01_10_19_11_102.png
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    Did a repair install. Kinda pissed that all my registry tweaks are gone, but I have a system image that I can restore from.
    Taskbar pinning is fixed and Calculator works now. Yay.

    Only thing that's still problematic: The key for "Properties" has been remapped to O instead of the usual R, as show here.
    Windows Explorer Issues-2016_01_11_04_12_361.png

    Anybody know how I could fix this?
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    Solved my own problem.
    Turns out the English (Canada) language pack (rather stupidly) sets the accelerator key for Properties to O.
    Switching back to English (United States) fixes it.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    Glad to hear you got things resolved! Yes the bit about two English languages will tend throw people off. They see the first word of English International when wanting the US pack instead simply looking fast. As far as you having a clean install turn out buggy that doesn't actually come as a big surprise at all since that can happen as well. You just don't hear about it anywhere near as often as you might run into with an upgrade install. Windows is still software however!

    When I look back over the years here I seem to have the "Golden Fingers" when it comes to seeing custom builds and OS installs go on and run generally pretty well with certain exceptions however but never any with a language pack. Actually one of the downloads for 10 saw the country at the top of the list downloaded when first using the MC tool and saving the downloads to the drive and then realized I forgot to scroll down the list on one of the first downloads of 10!

    You know you are having a bad day when you see that happen!
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