Good morning,

Ever since I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 (Home) 64-bit a few months ago from Win 8.1 I have discovered the following Event ID 131 error in Event Viewer, sometimes as many as five times in a row, after restarting or upon booting up:

Metadata staging failed, result=0x80070490 for container '{1959BB49-AC94-11E5-AE34-3010B356F6E6}'

After googling for a few hours I did find a forum (TechNet) where this error was attributed to 'timing' and that Microsoft was aware of it.

A couple workarounds were given until Microsoft comes up with the fix. One workaround given was changing the time from 'Windows-time' to ''. However, even though it worked for some folks, it didn't stop the error in my Event Viewer.

I am just wondering if anyone on this forum has experienced the same Event Viewer error and maybe found a way to stop it from occurring.

Thanks and regards,