Am I the only one who HATES the idea of Cortana

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    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there

    I really LOATHE these voice activated command sets --
    Hey Jimbo, I HATED Siri when I got an iPhone 4S and it would not DO anything, But they improved it with each iOS update, eventually they made it so you could do significant WORK on your device, right through voice. Mainly I use Dictation, if I come in here with Tapatalk that's where it comes in handy.

    Cortana is about the same as Siri was when she was introduced... It don't DO nothin, all it can really do is answer questions by bringing up Web Pages. and crappoopy BING crapages too. I told it, "Open Word" and it opened Edge to a BING search. I told it, "Shut down" and "Reboot" and it did the same thing, except that Bing goes Whack when you ask it stuff like "Reboot".

    My iPhone, I have tweaks now that allow me to unlock it with a two step challenge: I say "Kirk to Enterprise" and my phone says "Spock Here" to which I reply "Beam me the Hell UP off of this ^&^%$ Planet" and it opens right up. And I do have a passcode AND a fingerprint set up too. I just like to have more options.

    I also have a tweak called "Assistant+" and with that, I set up all kinds of things. I can get my exact battery level, I can respring or reboot, and she'll respond with something nasty like "I'll freakin kill you for that!". There is a program called Workflow in the App Store, which does this kind of thing but on a smaller scale, you need root access to tell it to reboot. That's why I've been Jailbreaking since 2010, you can do more stuff. But what I like is that I can say "OK Siri" while plugged in and then tell it to do stuff.

    I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and I can do a BUNCH of stuff with it, after I rooted it. It has a crappy Samsung Voice App, which does nothing but crash, and even if it doesn't crash, it takes WAY too long to do anything: But as I was screwing with it 2 days ago, I said something like OK, Google, and Boom, the Google Assistant popped right up, so I told it to open an app and it opened instantly. Like my iPhone does. So I can say Ok Google, open my Smart Remote and then I can shut off my TV or change the Input.

    The idea of an Assistant is a good one, it's just that Cortana does bupkis at this time. I get more features from Speech Recognition, I can say Open Word and it opens, I can say Reboot, and if I have the right Macro installed, it reboots. And it is WAY more accurate than CorTanBlab when it comes to dictating stuff.

    That's how all of these Assistant tweaks work anyway, with the right Macros you can do just about anything you can think of. So I don't mind Cor-Blabba at all, eventually I'll figure out a way to get actual work out of it.
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    DRFP said:
    I don't use SIRI on my Iphone so I am not using this one either
    Yah, but since iOS 8, it becomes a great Hands-Free way of opening your Navigation App(s) or actually starting a phone call without touching the device. It gets more useful if you Jailbreak and install Assistant+ and a few other tweaks that expand her usefulness. When I'm driving it's important to be able to navigate my devices without touching them, and I have just about full control of my iPhone and iPad. If you want I'll send you a list of tweaks that will allow you to not have to touch your device while driving ever again. Or, you can simply have your phone in its home cradle, and you can tell it do stull from across the room.

    Cortana is an infant, they will have to update it a bunch of times before it becomes useful, or, someone will eventually make tweaks for Windows 10 Desktops and Devices to make it more useful. The guy responsible for the iOS 6 and 7 Jailbreaks is working on tools for the Windows 10 phone, I believe there is a root kit already, it was in the store, but they yanked it. But it is easy to find and download, I wish I had a Windows 10 phone I could try it with, it's pretty much a universal root tool, works for any device.
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