Here is the simple solution to fixing the Windows 10 taking long time to delete files and folders problem.


When you delete a big file (or folder) or lots of files in File Explorer, you notice in the popup window
the green progress bar goes to 99% and then stops and you have to wait many minutes for it to finish
the deletion process thereafter.


Open File Explorer
Highlight with your mouse "This PC" in the Left Sidebar
Click the "View" tab in the Top Menu Bar
Look to the Far Right in the Top Menu Bar and Click "Options"
Click "Change Folder And Search Options"
In the popup box next Click the "View" tab
In the "Advanced Settings" box Scroll Down and CHECK the box that says "Launch Folder Windows In A Separate Process"
Click the "Apply" button at the bottom

Now when you delete files and folders in File Explorer it will go to 100% delete rapidly instead of hanging on the the 99% point.