Have just bought a pair of Logitech Z-200 desktop speakers for my new pc.

Other than I canít imagine why they didnít put some sort of grill or protection over
the speaker cones, am fairly satisfied.

But, am very confused over the Aux. input.

There is no switch to select either the normal input (thru the 3.5 mm jack to the pc),
or the Aux input. ďNormallyĒ you would expect there to be an input selector switch.
I donít want to blow anything, so thought I would ask here first.

If I have another input to the Aux jack, e.g., a radio, or iPhone, what will happen if:

a. a. The pc at the moment has no audio programís output.

So, I guess the speakers will used the radio to the Aux.jack as its source.
Correct ?

b. b. Letís now say that the radio is on, and the speakers are using the Aux. jack.

But, for whatever reason, the pc now (also) outputs audio.
So, there are now 2 effective Active inputs. Which is used ?
What happens ?

What is the danger of one of them being ďblownĒ ? Canít be a safe situation, or can it ?

Would be most appreciative of anyone who has played with these combinations
Could help me out.

I really want to avoid plugging, and unplugging, the aux jack input.
But want a ďsafeĒ situation where nothing is going to be damaged.

Really donít understand their system, or layout.
Canít imagine why no input selector switch.