About upgrading from Windows 7.....and saying those users should stay with Windows 7, I disagree, unless their computer is real low end style. I upgraded my HP Pavilion Desktop (2009 Model) that came with Vista, then upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, then after running Win 7 for years, upgraded that to Windows 10 Pro. I also have NEVER cleaned installed Windows 10 Pro on that computer, It runs rock solid, no problems!!! Over the years I have upgraded its components of course. This computer was my main computer for years also, now its my 2nd computer, as I have bought a newer HP desktop computer, this one I am on now. This computer I have done a clean install on. Both these computers run just fine. You CAN upgrade a computer that was running Windows 7 if the computer spec's are good enough without too many problems. Their are always bugs to be worked out on any upgrade to a New Windows OS. :)