Temporary black box shows on startup

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    Temporary black box shows on startup

    Running Win 10 on a HP Envy and upon startup everything normal, then icons appear on desktop, then a 5 inch black square in upper right of screen and this hangs for about thirty seconds then disappears and everything is fine. This does not occur on restart. At the top of black box is the following C:\programdata\242466\sysmon.exe How do I get rid of this delay....thanks Sammy
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    Hi, a quick search for sysmon.exe which I assume you've done suggests it could be related to a variety of things from LiUtilities to a trojan. (I.e. legitimate to bad).

    Do you have or have you had the Torch browser installed?

    If you have a good AV installed, assume it's been scanned and hopefully is not bad.
    Suggest you go to C:\programdata\242466\ and rt click and examine the properties of sysmon.exe which might help to identify it.

    Given that, you can use (e.g.) Sysinternals Autoruns (free, run as admin) and see if you can find sysmon.exe as a startup. Download Autoruns, install, run as admin, wait for it to load data, use Autoruns find.

    If sysmon.exe is not found, it is presumably launched by sthg else.

    Try a clean boot. If the box does not appear, enable more startups until it does. That way you may be able to identify what is launching it.

    Idea for removal: Get Revo Uninstaller, use Force uninstall, and browse to Sysmon.exe. See what Revo shows in the list of what may be uninstalled. Read carefully, act with caution, and then decide whether to accept Revo's recommendations.
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    thanks, I found sysmon.exe in "C:\ProgramData\242466\sysmon.exe" /startup by using aurorun for sysmon.exe When I clicked the properties I got the following
    DESCRIPTION Microsoft .NET Services Installation Utility Microsoft Corporation
    LOCATION c:\programdata\2424662
    SIZE 32 kb
    CREATED DEC 20th 2015 modified DEC 19th 2015
    which is about time screen got black box. Should I now delete the file located in programdata or do you have a recommendation to do something else thanks again
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    Just wondering if this is also your post? If not, a curious coincidence.. also HP Envy
    SYSMON.exe startup - Windows Startup Programs Database

    What I'm not sure about is whether this indicates an incomplete installation or stg else, never having come across this.. perhaps someone else will have an idea now we have the properties info.

    What you could try is checking your .net framework installation using this small tool:
    .NET Framework setup verification tool, cleanup tool and detection sample code now support .NET Framework 4.6.1 - Aaron Stebners WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
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    yes came here after more Google searching for Windows 10 forums as not much traffic on Beeping compared to here. Went to site you posted and did verifier, clean, and repair for 4.6 and it still shows box but for only about 2 seconds which is better. For a brief second the box shows a printed page but too fast to read. Maybe there is a way to stop that scroll before box disappears? At any rate my problem is now an irritant but I guess it's liveable...thanks for help so far
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, it sounds as if the verifier found sthg from what you say.
    I'd suggest using Autoruns to try to identify sysmon.exe as a startup, and so disable it (i.e. try to stop it launching), or you could simply try deleting it.

    (I don't have a sysmon.exe on my C:)

    You could try 'uninstalling' Net 4.6 (Turn features on/off, under Programs and Features in CPanel: see
    How to uninstall net framework 4.6? - Page 3 - Windows 10 Forums

    When you've removed it, check that entry for sysmon.exe has gone.

    and allow Win 10 to reinstall it when you tick the box, and hope it's all 'clean' and the symptom has gone.
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    ran autoruns agaiin with filter and sysmon.exe showed up in it's file and so deleted, No black box during startup. Guess all is well. Will try uninstalling Net 4.6 if further problems down the road .....thanks for help
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Good news- don't forget to click the thumbs up button if happy.
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