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  1. Emma's Avatar
    Posts : 526
    W 7 desktop Home Premium 64 - OS
       24 Jan 2015 #101

    I am not scared of anything, even when I came face to face with a man who had a gun in his hand and had just shot a police officer. You think a OS would bother me. I like my 2007 Nissan Murano and I will never get rid of it even though there are a lot of new models out. Does that make me scared of it. I like W 7 I know what it is like, I do not know what 10 will be like. I may not like it. I am putting it on my lap top to learn it but will keep my 7 desktop.
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  2. Kari's Avatar
    Posts : 15,029
    Windows 10 Pro
       24 Jan 2015 #102

    Jesse Williams said: View Post
    Why is everyone not wanting to upgrade their Windows 7 machines to Windows 10?
    This has not so much to do with Windows 10, it has more to do with the complex and confusing logics of some (quite a many, in fact) PC users.

    Check any tech forums, their overclocking and modding sections and threads. You'll find a bunch of users who use their last pennies, everything they can con or steal from their parents or save from their paycheck to further pimp their Monster Machines and judging by quite a many of posts you see on these sites, the only thing they ever do with their PC in addition to swapping hardware components is to run various benchmark programs and post their results.

    Posting a benchmark result 3,867 and being in Top 5 gives them peace only as long as someone else posts a benchmark result 3,868. At this point the old CPU has to go. The same when they post nice pics of their new AmazingGFX GPU HyperFast X 1000 3.77 GHz, the joy only lasts until the next geek shows pics about his new AmazingGFX GPU HyperFast X 1001 3.78 GHz. The PC is for these geeks a constantly evolving almost living thing, it has to always have the lates perks, latest technology.

    At the same time these PC users protest every slightest change in their "old and reliable" operating system. "Why can't Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 look and behave like my old XP did?", "Why did Microsoft change that?" "I don't like changes!" and so on. The same confusing logics can also be seen in piracy; the pimped Monster Machine must have all the latest and most expensive parts, some of these overclocked, highly customized and pimped machines can cost thousands of dollars, yet the owners of these machines are often found complaining when they have to pay a hundred for the operating system to be run on The Monster Machine, using a pirated Windows instead.

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  3.    24 Jan 2015 #103

    I will be upgrading my Win 8.1 production installation to the Win 10. But, I have to keep Win 7 on one PC as I have a RS232C application, for my wife's embroidery machine, and the USB/Serial interface only works on Win 7.
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  4.    24 Jan 2015 #104


    i changed my mind, will definitly not keep this build of Windows 10, unless it gets better.

    So i will have to reinstall Win 8.1 again....

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  5.    24 Jan 2015 #105

    Earlier I was about 90% sold on the new OS but now after checking out the new build(9926) I'm at 100%. When it comes out I will be getting it asap.

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  6.    24 Jan 2015 #106

    I'm undecided at this point. I haven't used it enough to praise or condemn it. Once I get it setup on my desktop, 3 monitor setup, I'll get a better feel of whether it will work for me or not.
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  7.    24 Jan 2015 #107

    Voted as 100% getting it

    After using the latest version for a few hours I am now 50/50 on it, currently finding the merging of desktop/store apps and the new start menus a total mess
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  8.    24 Jan 2015 #108

    paulsalter said: View Post
    Voted as 100% getting it

    After using the latest version for a few hours I am now 50/50 on it, currently finding the merging of desktop/store apps and the new start menus a total mess
    Hi there

    Agree on that one -- also the whole search and lack of menu customisation seems to have gone a step backwards from previous build (9879).

    I'm sure it Will get fixed but I'm gnashing my (few remaining) teeth at the total mess between control panel, pc settings and having again having to scroll (vertically this time instead of horizontally) to find programs I want to run.

    The Menu MUST be made customiseable - at least allow you to pin favourites to it -i'm sure someone will work out how to do it currently --there must be some sort of system file somewhere which could be tampered with.

    Not a bad effort but they need to concentrate now on the USER experience - the technical stuff probably works as well as it has to. If I were say migrating from W7 the start menu would have me rushing back !!!. The whole size is far too big for smaller sized laptops.

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  9.    24 Jan 2015 #109

    I'm disappointed that I can't 'pull' the Start Menu to the top of the monitor but keep it on the left side.
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  10. lehnerus2000's Avatar
    Posts : 1,779
    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 18.3 MATE (64 bit), W10 Home 1703 (64 bit), W10 Pro 1703 (64 bit) VM
       24 Jan 2015 #110

    It seems to be continuing the trend displayed by the last two "upgrades".
    This version seems to be the worst yet (with my setup).

    It's buggy and seems to be more difficult to use.

    I think that I'll kill this VM and build a new one.
    Since my ISO hash matches the one on the MS site, there may have been some problem during the initial install.

    Jesse Williams said: View Post
    Why is everyone not wanting to upgrade their Windows 7 machines to Windows 10?
    It's buggy.
    Also since MS changes stuff every "upgrade" there is no way of knowing what the final product will turn out like.
    "Better the Devil you know ..."
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